Toasty Nothing Short

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Okay, well this is my first completed and submitted flash animation to Newgrounds and I know it's not up to par with a lot of people's expectations nowadays, but I'm happy to have done it.
I am open to any constructive criticism so please feel free to tell me how to improve, and don't just say, "it sucks." Sure it may suck, but I already know that since it's my first (duh). Also, sorry for the big file size, I don't know what a good setting is for the audio quality. If someone lets me know I'd greatly appreciate it :)

If you understand this video then... no you won't, this video doesn't make sense.

PS. Sorry for shortness too :P

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This is yer first? You SIR have a bright future :) I found it very amusing.

itsKris responds:

lol, thanks :)


how do you tween like that?

ah....read this the whole thing first! ok?

I just so love to here amature voice actiing...NOT! THIS IS SHIT MAN! but...I'll give u a little credit cus its your FIRST flash....but if i dont see any improvement in your next flash...I'ma gona give ya 0 for effort next time!! u here me! so here it is! 1 for the voice acting and 6 for the animation! here is a tip! keep that animation! it seems easier for u to make it only good voice actiing and a new make mic is wat u need!...Hope i did not make this review too mean...HAHA! I MEANT TO MAKE IT MEAN IN THE FIRST PLACE

Kris that was actually impressive

Yeah man good job, only thing i can tell you to improve is that you need a better mic and not some shitty song at the end.

I would love to help out with the next one tho

Love Luc Limoges ;)

itsKris responds:

Lol, thanks Luc :D

It sucks =) Just kidding it not bad at all.

Well compared too what on Newgrounds today hey this is better then most. I do like your animation skills and the background is good too. I noticed 2 things that you can work on. One is the voice acting. I do realize you not professionals but I suggest working on it every day and you will improve on it. You do have a lot of potential to make a series or every makes your characters become popular. You have humor, character interaction and randomness.

Now if you can improve on your audio and voice acting with your humor, character interaction and your randomness you can get a lot of fans too follow you. Maybe in future projects you can introduce your characters and have a storyline going. You say you don't know how to get a good audio quality? I suggest checking on the forums or try Google it (it can help you with anything.) Also the same goes for the file size cause I am assuming that the reason its 6mb cause of the music.

So like I said before you have a lot of potential and can get far in Newgrounds. Just don't give up and keep trying. Look forward to future projects. Also I loveed you too =)

itsKris responds:

You assume correctly in the reason why the video's 6MB :P
Thanks for the review and suggestions and I'll try and follow what you said to practice my voice acting. I won't give up and I look forward to posting bigger and better things :D

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3.72 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2009
8:02 PM EST