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Green Protector

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Author Comments

Protect the flora against the invading monsters by building your army of plants. Green protector is a colorful and funny defence game in which you can design your own path with defence units. Juggle the exit gates to confuse the incoming monsters.

Use your mouse
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 keys - guards tower shorcut
q,w,e,r,t keys - traps shorcut
a,s - corps shorcut
z - upgrade shorcut
x - sell shorcut
For more instruction look at tutorial section

1. Balancing game
2. more easy to reach/ get the money

please tell us if you thing its still too difficult or easy. thank you

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honest feedback:

as soon as monsters destroyed my towers and broke through my carefully constructed maze, i instantly lost interest.

otherwise i was enjoying the game.

however, having to manually collect income rather quickly before it despawned wasn't pleasant either.

Wow! Is that Plants vs. Zombies II ?

Indeed, this is one of the best TD-Games I've seen. You have a couple of tower strategies that only fit some enemy properties, and I like keeping players very busy during waves, e.g. by collecting money. Moreover, some ideas - most of them already mentioned in previous comments:

1. The language of the intro is quite poor - please revise that (sorry, my English is poor as well, but this is just a comment)
2. Increase the screen, enlarge the images, everything is very, very small in this game.
3. Make updates visible. As you keep us busy collecting money, we don't have the time to click on every plant to see what level it is.
4. Planting crops is a prosperous job during the game, if you plant them early enough, it will make you rich and mighty - extremely mighty, as you soon can afford almost everything. As 'Simbrian' suggested: what about "having the price for those crops increase each time you buy one"?
5. And what about having the characters introduced during the game instead of showing them all in the beginning? Maybe you could add some new plants and monsters during gameplay and show them bit by bit after a wave is over? This could improve excitement and fun.

However, if you don't change anything and let the game just as it is, this is still a great job. Thank you for this game.


I love defence games so you got points for that. And the game itself is good. Couple things though:
1.) There should be a shortcut button to upgrade the units
2.)Units should maybe change in some form as they get upgraded
3.)Make the money automatically get collected. (having to scroll over the coins was a pain)!
4.)Make flying monster. Therefore having to add plants that only attack air.

Im sure there are some other things, but those are my points. But other then that, good game. Maybe in part 2, if there will be one, add those tips! :)

frozz responds:

thank you nice sugestion, and also for the upgrading you can type 'Z' key.


I liked the game, but i think it needs some more depth. Maybe giving the plants some new abilities the higher their level gets.

Also, beware that you have a typo in the tutorial when talking about how monsters are harder at night.

WTF? in a good way.

Right off the bat, the English was kind of strained. It felt like it was being translated from another, and not translated well. The opening video was slightly funny, if sort of hard to understand. An interesting spin on a tower defense game, the addition of traps was nice, and the crops were interesting as well. I can't really find much to criticize on the game play, it's a fairly well used system and isn't particularly innovative. The theme of this one is what helps it stand out from the others. It's very unique and makes what would otherwise be just another boring tower defense game into something a little more interesting.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2009
7:47 AM EST