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This game is for my Informatics 161 class project, social analysis of computers. It's a basic tycoon-type game with a twist...

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Theres tons of reasons to recycle not just monetary that said it as a decent game with a message

I always recycled and still got a preachy ending with no acknowledgement of my efforts.


Great idea, but you need to explore the economic motivations for recycling too. Right now it is the rational decision to export waste in order to make a quick profit as the game is pressing me to make as much money as possible before the time runs out. If for example the game was set over a much long time and the cost to export waste steadily increased each time I used it I would not be as likely to do it. Also if the negative impact of being seen as an environmental criminal started to affect my brand and I saw a decrease in demand from the actions then I would rather do that. Actually I didn't even notice the option to recycle anywhere in the menu, also why make different prices for different areas? Last time I checked America was the only country not to sign the Basel convention, and China has banned the import of electronic waste so they should not be on the map even. Good message but your research was really poorly done, I did like very much how you simulated the demand elasticity, which formula did you use for this? I would be very interested in learning it. I would have given you a higher score of you had expanded the scope of the game a bit more, it needs to be on a macro scale in order to accurately simulate the decision making that affects business. Also do a bit more research on electronic waste export, I would start with the Basel convention.


I can see the message you are trying to portray but the game wasn't gripping enough. People are not going to remember what you are trying to say by showing us some pictures and giving us some links. A better game with a stronger message was required.

And btw, I completed this game only recycling and still ended up with lots of money so the game didn't work for me anyway.