Mighty Knights

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A fierce battle between a Red and a Blue Knight is about to go down. Who will be the winner of this epic medieval showdown?

Created for college as part of BBC work experience from a professional script in mid 2009

Animation by Valerofond

Music by Happy Harry

{edit} Hahaha frontpaged , back from the dead for the knights, thanks a lot Tom and staff!

I will say again, this was not my script, the idea was to present the script in the best possible way, I guess my way wasn't the best possible though since I still havent heard from the BBC guys in a year and a half. Oh well.


I thought it was great

I watched it the whole way through and didn't once think "This is going too slowly".
It was charming, it was animated very well, included great characters and a cool story.
Awsome :D

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Main problem...

...with this movie is the overall timing. the whole shebang is simply way too slow. speeding the movie up maybe 20-50% or whatever would probably make it better for starters, but then some things would have to be re-animated, to make it look good and whatnot.
the whole cartoonish "fun" style works pretty ok along with the simple sfx/soundscape+music, but that's about it... and in all honesty, the sound is ok, nothing more.

either way, some effort is obv. put into it, but i can't say i think it was funny, or that well performed overall. sorry :(

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Meh, it was funny like the old cartoons, but it was just a little too drawn out.

Somewhat repetitive, but

Very good. Though I recommend less repetition, and more of the jokes, as I highly enjoyed them.


It was quite slow but i liked the style of characters.
Specially the red one (little).

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2009
6:12 AM EST
Comedy - Original