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Dodge fireballs (and falling boulders on Hard difficulty) and navigate around rocky outcroppings that jut out from either side of the passageway as you fly through an erupting volcano!

The longer you survive, the higher your score but the more difficult the game becomes.

How to play:

Use the mouse to steer your ship around the rocky outcroppings and to dodge the fireballs and boulders.

Hitting any of these hazards will destroy your ship.

Related news:

There is a sequel (of sorts) to Eruption in the works -- for anyone who might be interested, there's a news post with a couple of game play videos here: http://thewasabiproject.n ewgrounds.com/news/post/4 33343

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This isnt so bad.

Tried easy, got up to 6000, then thought this game's easy so i tried hard.

*10 seconds later*

HOLY SHI- FLYING DEBRIS! Lol u sure proved me wrong.

Anyway this game is really addicting, just like Canabalt. Makes for a good challenge too.



This is so authentic! Very few 2-D games these days trigger motion sickness.

that was hard

i like it!

Awesome Game

i like how you need to focus on the stationary and moving objects

this game is fuggin awesome

loved it. would be better if you went so far that you could win but hey it was awesome.