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Resident Evil: The Escape

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This is the flash work I've done for the RE:TE Mod thats in production for Half-Life.

With the release of the new Resident Evil remake for Gamecube, I would think there would be a good demand for a playable RE game on the PC, and with this mod in production, publicity for it wouldnt hurt -_^.

So without further ado, I present to you Resident Evil : The Escape.

Note(s): -The story line may change soon, if so the movie will be modified and re-introduced to the public.

-I've read the newspage for newgrounds.com and noticed a letter about subtitles. On a later date I will add subtitles for the hearing-impaired or people with no sound on their pc ;p

-Also, the RE:TE website is http://www.re-te.com


is this the movie?

at first i thought it was a preview but i cant decide wether its a movie or not becuz it was so short! ^_^

very impressive

the voice acting is top-gun. it is very believable even if the graphics for the mod arent that great, the graphics for the flash are great. nice job.


Tied right into the story. Great animation, made me feel like the intro for resident evil 2 did the first time i saw it. Way to go!!

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Good for a teaser trailer.

Ok, a good teaser trailer, but it's hard to rate teaser trailers, so erm, the graphics were only still images,and the voice acting was terrible, but still, a good teaser trailer.

Looks promising

That's Mr.X to the last user.Anyways great stuff looking forward to it even though it's been over 3 years,iv'e been comin here that long hurry up and finish dude!

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3.51 / 5.00

May 13, 2002
1:29 PM EDT