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Screwdrivers's SDTTTSFE

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In this years installment (the only installment) of ScrewdriverClock's Thanksgiving, ScrewdriverClock hosts his annual "ScrewdriverClock super delicious turkey taste time super flash extravaganza". However he will find that fate isn't always on his side, and he might need to do a little "improvising" to win the hearts of his fellow clocks.

Cameos Include: CorpseGrinderClock, RadishClock, PolyhedronClock, LimewireClock, EnglishClock, LotusClock, StrawberryClock, KRZRClock, ScrewdriverClock, the benevolent Bill Murray, a roasted turkey, Morgan Freeman and nobody else. Noone. Not even TORCH CLOCK.

So enjoy, run along with them as they laugh, cry, shit piss and all that stuff us lovely Clocks do!!

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Oh dear

It seems like KZRZ has ruined thanksgiving.


I saw your sig and remembered how cool this flash was and how I never reviewed it. So here I am today.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

That is very appreciated, shame I didn't see it until 10 days from then.


Quite classic if I do say so.

I liked it for the most part

Animation was good as well as the sound. I didn't really like the ending too much, as it seemed pretty random and I was getting into the whole "how does a clock manage to turn into a delicious turkey" storyline.

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Well let me explain. See inside of every Clocks outer, hard shell is a delicious cornish hen and or turkey. By baking the clock in the oven, you expose the inner fowl inside of them, and allow the most delicious meal to be produced, however this is sort of taboo in the Clock community as noone wants to eat someone like say Inquisitor who is quite a faggot. Anyway as for the plane, its quite obvious, KRZR was running late to the party, you see.

(title in work)

A great piece of work. The storyline was funny, and I enjoyed the many small, but hilarious details throughout this, like the oven being labeled "faggot". The animations were synced to the music well enough, and like your previous movie, I quite enjoy the old school styled graphics. Ending was unexpected and hilarious. Fived, tenned, and favorited. Happy thanksgiving.

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2009
2:01 PM EST