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Author Comments

Current version 1.1a

Although there are a few minor bugs and some artwork left to be fixed/added, the game is now fully playable and has all 45 levels, plus 2 secret levels.

The game plays much like Midway's calssic Rampage game. The premise is a little different though. In Ravage you play the role of one-of-three genetically engineered space pirates. Your objective is to loot and plunder Earth's solar system and leave it in a state of chaos. You'll face various enemies unique to each of the 9 planets, as well as several bosses.

(Edit: Even though Pluto is no longer a planet it is still in the game!)

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Yeah so I'm assuming for a time, this actually worked based on the rating and the Portalhistory tag, but for me it was non functional. The first 4 levels basically skip right past with no score and needing nothing to be done. On the 5th level some UFO looking ships show up, but I try to punch them or stomp on them, and nothing happens. It's as if there were no hit box at all. The only thing I could do in the game was stomp on the tanks. I've tried reloading several times and using all the characters and nothing seems to work.

I was looking forward to this one, reply if you fix it or know what the issue is so I can give a better review.


So as always you bring us an amazing game here the whole rampage theme has always been kind of fun but I have to say that this was notbad I did think the controls were clunks and could be more smoother and smoother responding the tempo of the game could be faster too but overall the graphics was pretty good and you pushed a nice idea here with some nice elements about the game I think just some smoother controls would be cool

Some smoother controls


I was in fact a fan of the "Rampage" games as a kid, but this just wasn't as good. It's mostly because the controls aren't that good. You can't jump on top of the buildings. Everything looks pretty repetitive. I still appreciate the loyalty to the original games. I mean, it does have everything from them.

It just moves too slow. I still enjoy the mechanics. It's nice to see the damage build up. Well, these games aren't very hard to imitate. Oh, the title makes sense now.

Well, for a rendition to the stupidly enjoyable, yet extremely flawed classic Rampage, this does its job very well. I like how it's basically a version of Rampage that takes place in different planets where, for some reason, buildings and cities exist just like on Earth. Too bad it's radically flawed in many different ways. The mission briefings are pretty fun to read sometimes, but they too get redundant after a while.

I like the retro graphics, the main character looks cool, as do most of the sceneries, and the animations when the character eats something or spits fire are also pretty cool, as well as the variety in sceneries due to the different planets in which the stages take place. The music is lackluster to say the least, the Mercury stages are basically an extremely short (say, five seconds or less) loop that gets mind numbing very quickly, and moving to the Venus theme was a breath of fresh air, for like, two minutes before that too got old. I didn't check the other planets to make sure, but I'm assuming this will be a recurring trend all the way to Pluto (remember it was still a planet back in 2002). Also, some sound effects seem to have been taken straight from the RPG Maker 2000 RTP, and that wouldn't be a bad thing, if only I didn't associate them with specific situations in which I heard them in RM games, which distracted me a lot.

Another personal nitpick I have with this game's presentation is that Venus is not green at all, it is a burning planet full of extreme seismic activity and a scorching hot atmosphere of acid.

The gameplay is satisfying at first, but it gets old quicky. Mashing the S button to destroy as many buildings as possible with punches, grabbing bonus items and eating civilians that you can find inside buildings, all while avoiding and destroying enemy battle vehicles? Well, it sure sounds like a pretty epic and cathartic experience, but the flaws in the game programming and design make it way less fun than it should be.

First of all, all you get is this lame punch. No satisfying stomp, fire breath, or anything of the like, just a dinky punch. Also, you can only punch windows at the very edge of the building you're grappling to, which is yet another bummer. Another weird thing is that you always have to be grappling onto a building to be able to punch buildings, even if the building you punch is not the building you're on, and that's just bizarre.

Also, I hate it how you fall straight to the ground hurting your bum when you walk off a building, that's just stupid. Sure, this was a comic feature in the original game, and therefore you couldn't take it out of this rendition, but it was still annoying due to how stupid it is. The jump (which you must perform to get off ledges without hurting yourself) is always this forward arc that you can't control, and that gets especially annoying when all you want is to dodge an enemy atop a building or stomp an enemy tank.

Another terrible flaw is that you fall straight to the ground whenever you drop off the ledge of a building, even when there's another building right below you, which you intended to land on. That's a pretty cruel way to fool someone's gaming instincts, and unlike some other games I've played recently, I doubt that defiance of instincts was intended as such, this is more of a design flaw.

I understand most of these awful flaws are stuff that are meant to emulate the original game, but they sucked as much in the original game as they do here. The fact that this game attempts to emulate the original game so perfectly that it even copies its flaws is just... I don't know, sad?

There's also a bug where the character seems to grab onto the middle of the building rather than the edge, and when you punch, the damage still appears on the edge rather than the middle.

I'm giving it a 2.5 star rating, because I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. It's just that it feels like a broken game, and I don't wish to sit through any more of it.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

May 13, 2002
11:56 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place May 14, 2002