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Let's Shoot

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So this is my first submission to the awesome place that is Newgrounds.com! Yay for me!

This is yet another Geometry Wars ripoff, that game is awesome, it deserves all the clones it gets :) Plus it is very developer friendly, by that I mean that I can't draw so having everything be triangles and squares and crap like that is very convenient.

I would like to apologise beforehand to the makers of the music used in this game, I had to butcher your work so it would be lighter :( You still get credit though.

I think that is it, leave some comments please! Oh, one last thing, if you want to get anywhere in the game you should try completing all the levels of the same color before moving on to the next set.

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This game is nigh impossible for laptop users like me. Would you mind adding a mouse control?

Papix responds:

I am sorry, I made this game ages ago, so I am not going to develop it any more. In fact I haven't opened this account in ages aswell, just decided to check it because I got bored at work.

The game is controlled with the mouse though, you use it to aim, did you tried playing it with a track pad? Then yes, it is impossible, I tried it.

so close

this game is really fun but im giving it 8 stars because of the continue system...i dont like starting over from the very beginnin...especially when im fighting the last boss.....

How can you beat the bosses?

I keep shooting at them but it doesn't work.But I'll give you a 8/10 because the game is awesome.

Papix responds:

Wow, congrats on making it to a Boss.

Anyway, they key is upgrading your ship. Shooting more bullets and having a faster firing rate is the best.

If you are wondering, an upgrade shop can be found each time you complete a set of levels of the same color.

Another tip is shooting your bombs at the Bosses. It's not easy, but if you nail them with one they take heavy damage, specially up close.

Only a masochist or a SHMUP god could like this.

I like these kinds of games.

I suppose it is different. I suppose it is hard... but for the wrong reasons.

Starting with the good. Proper credits of the music. Cool minimalist concept borrowed from Geometry Wars, with only shapes as enemies. Great death disses. (I PITY THE FOOL).

Is there a reason for the delay between clicking your mouse and actual firing? The short range and randomness of the cannon don't really help people either. Even when the enemies close in, sometimes I feel it's a matter of luck if they get hit. There were cases where I couldn't hit the smallest bits at all for a few seconds, as if they get invincibility. (If the gun wasn't rapidly rotating, it would be much better.)

I've had enemies spawn near me, or come streaking so fast from the edge of the map.

I've yet to see how bombs regenerate in this game, and I've made it all the way to a Red stage (third tier). Bombs also don't clear the screen-the enemies that break up into smaller parts will still break into those parts. Also, that delay between destruction of these types of enemies and the actual spawning of the smaller ones throws me off.

Still, it's not as if it's a broken game. Then again, I didn't like the hardcore difficulty, even on Easy. I have to wonder if the difficulty settings do anything at all, since Hard actually seemed a bit easier than Easy.

The score is reflective of my attitude. I suppose it's down to one of the in-game death quotes: "Done bitching?" Yeah. Now I am.

Papix responds:

Thanks for the comments, I guess I am kinda masochist when it comes to games and it translates into my creations :P Oh well, I'll take those pointers for my next project. Seems like the main problem is that the upgrade system is not obvious.

wasnt much fun

Played the first level, got annoying real fast.
and the menus were laggy as hell.

All in all, a good effort, the graphics and the way things move look good.
But you need to introduce the enemies slower, dont start off with so many enemies in the first level.

Too difficult and unrewarding.

Also, the shooting of the enimies was very annoying. Several times I've died while focusing on shooting an enemy and got hit by some projectiles on the side; that isnt fun.