War: Intro

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Will be updated soon, not all features in the beginning selection screen are finished. I still need to add an easter egg somewhere :)
Judge nicely, this is the first time I've ever done anything like this.

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ha ha ha loser what a newb

A lot of hate messages about the voice which I think was awesome and funny the only thing funny in this video. The flash animation sucked. I do hate all the other people who commented on the voice the only thing that makes this video funny. Zintendo what does that mean its not even a word!!!!!!!!! Just because of that awesome voice I give it a 10 but in your mind its actually SPAGHETTI!!!!!!!!

Zintendo responds:

Lol i completely agree

Suuch potential...

I give you a 9/10 and a 4/5 out of pure generosity, because this could be hilarious, annoying voice and all.

Zintendo responds:

thanks for this extremely positiveness Bert


lol,dude,ur comments are always like : i dont like ur artstile,u can do better.or something like that so i wanted to see how u do it bcouz i thought u ware good...but u are not.

Zintendo responds:

Harsh words. Thanks, because I need to hate myself more.

Getting passed the voice....>.<;

That voice is horribly annoying to listen to. While it'd be funny if it was just one character's or something, right now it just makes things drag along. I assume there will be killing in chapters to come? Without the other chapters, it's not so great. But it's not supposed to stand alone, so that's okay. It just.....is alone right now.......
Great start, though

The little tank was cute. :)

Zintendo responds:


not so good

not really fun watching this sorry but there is hope
next time plz use your own voice and not those from that computer sam shit
and try to get some more movement and better artwork.
for your first submission its okay but you have to go a long way

Zintendo responds:


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2.86 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2009
6:43 PM EST