Che (part 4)

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Yo. I've not submitted anything for a while, so here you go something from uni. I made this for fun after getting the idea the other morning while in the shower. That day I printed n cut out my stencil, the next day I painted & animated it - on my shower wall.

The idea is basically how the image of Che Guevara is eradicating, its just an image nowadays - iconic nonetheless - but iconic of what? Ignorant rebellion? Most people (like myself) need to scratch beneath the surface to see what's there.

I guess you'd class this as stop motion animation?

Music recorded by me and my friend this morning, a few sounds used from the free sound project (thanks to Sikoses & Corsica_S)

It's a shame to say it - because youtube is slowly devolving, being taken over by adverts and such, but you can see a higher quality version on Youtube- http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=IqJU2zQPX1Y


Well... Not so good

Really crapy animation man..
the idea was great, but not the
However, the Che, as u say,
is only now an icon.


You're right ché guevara was nothing else than a murderer.
Thanks to the help of the US he was finally executed.

But I don't see what McDonalds has to do with ché guevara.
Except that ché was a commie and McDonalds is often used as a symbol of capitalism.

it does shows imagination...

a very interesting work, not a fan of Mcdonald thought or the che. ever watched "super size me"? I avoid eating mcdonalds since that movie. never mind the che that bastard surrendered in the jungle like a coward expecting to be good enough of a trophy to be kept alive.
he and ronald mcdonald could be brothers for they have so much in common.

Che is a revolutionary killer.

What has come to teenagers these days. Seeing posters and T-shirts of that mans face on it. Che is and was nothing more than a revolutionary killer. You want a revolution role-model? Go read up on Martin Luther King jr.

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wtf man

for some ppl its just an offense

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Nov 16, 2009
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