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Epileptic Headsmashing G

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Epileptic Headsmashing Game 2000+ Deluxe!


What started as a celebratory game for one of my games, grew into this 2-hour seizure fest that some people somehow found amusing.

Not to be taken seriously.

Also, if you have history of having or you are prone to seizures, just don't play. Don't want death threats.

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All this...

..Just from smashing your head repeatedly into a wall? Sign me up! It's also a great finger workout.


I got to 3100 in 543 seconds.


my eyes are hurting but i am seeing too fast and with a zoom, i played for 876 sec without stop and my vision is(ugh that hurts) more colored and i think i saw a "warning" sign and i bashed 2100 times my head im gonna see if i bash my head i hear this song with a lot of thongs in my eyes and maybe the awesome face XDo.e

If this is spam...

... then I hope NG gets a lot more.

gd game

i didnt bash my head against the wall my mum said i will have a seasure involving epic face and fire works oh and the sine said not 2