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Let's dismember zombies!

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Good zombie game

This was one of the better zombie games out there, and I like that you won some awards with this, thats always a pleasure, but anyways all the waves of zombies was really good and the graphics was very impressive it was a fantastic game with lots to see and do very fun indeed. keep up the fantastic work.

More effects with kills and such.


I'm giving my honest review of this game and not just going omg this is the best game 5 stars. No, this game has some ups and downs but more ups than downs

Great 2D graphics
You can see a huge number of zombies on the screen
Unique controls using your mouse and keyboard to play
The violence is very satisfiying

Piss-poor hit detection
Punching is incredibly underpowered
Kicking is overpowered
The controls are a bit wonky

Now, the hit detection is friggin awful in this game. If i hit a zombie with my fist in the head 7 times, he will still stand still and be like: Meh. While on the other side, kicking is extremely overpowered and can mow down a huge horde of zombies that are just standing there waiting to get mown down.
Punching on the other side can give some very satisfiying kills, IF you are lucky to hit the zombie on the right angle with a improvised upper cut sending him into the air and then just splattering their guts and blood all over the floor. Next is the Rampage mode. Shit. It would be ok to implement this but even with this you are still prone to vulnerability if a zombie lunges at you and if you're not watching. This pissed me off at times, since i work hard to get the Rampage mode (which is, extremely hard to get and that is only by grinding with kicking zombies and hoping to get combos) only for a zombie to fucking just lunge behind my back and remove it. This to me seems like a cheap way of raising the dificulty of the game. Enough about the Rampage mode, lets talk about the controls. Yes they are both in cons and pros, but even though they are unique and all the other stuff they are wonky. Especially the kicking which sometimes the game doesnt wanna read and i get zombies all over me and die. Ok pros. The graphics are absolutely beatiful even for the standards of a flash game, and the gore looks absolutely satisfiying (if you don't want to look at blood all the time if you pause the game you can set the gore to candy and zombies will instead of guts and gore drop out lollipops and confette). The controls are pretty unique for a flash game since you use the mouse for kicking and punching. Kicking is done by clicking the left mouse button, while punching is done by waving your mouse willy-nilly. The number of zombies and gore that is shown here is pretty satisfiying, although the level of interactivity is very low (this does not count combos like death combo and crushed I'm talking about interactivity with the enviroment) the only thing this game lets you do mostly is just throw a zombie through the window, which is very hard to do since they are slow moving. As for the enviroment, its good looking with a nice level of detail, but its just the same room over and over. As for what grade I'm giving this game its a 4.5 stars. Enyojable, but the controls, hit detection and dificulty, don't make this game the most perfect flash game of all time.

One of the best flash games ever made! Awesome! :)

Its a great game! (People do you relieze this game is order than pewdiepie(This game was made in 2006 and the game got into newground 2009)

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4.22 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2009
4:33 PM EST
Action - Other