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FRONTPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOW THANKS TOM! i'will keep working to do better stuff
ahahhaa you like it or you hate it... there is so many different reviews.. i guess this is a very controversial animation heheheh

Please, take it as an interactive animation NOT AS A GAME!! it cant be clasified as a Movie because it is INTERACTIVE!
Thanks for including this in the halloween collection!!!

This is my halloween submision xD... i know... i'm out of date...
The idea came to me a few days ago, i mixed a lot of influences in this one, Jacobs Lader, Earthbound, Silent hill.

This is my first voice acting ever, and i did it in english, my first language is spanish you know..., i hope you can understand it anyway. if you can't, plz tell me why , and i will make subtitles.

Enjoy, and fear.
Thanks to my friend kero patch who helped me with this animation
for who didn't get it check my third post on my site on newgrounds

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Congrats, Adobe{.} You've broken Deimos. I was trying to preserve this thing on my harddrive, but now it won't even play on The Internet.

I don't review Newgrounds content often, anymore, but since I came here I figure that I better do this one.

So, Deimos is a good Halloween interactive cartoon, from what I remember. It asks you to make decisions about what a numbed human being does with their mind and body with the powers of a demon thing. Most decisions you make cause the same ending, but I tried all of them back when I was younger and still had access to the content of this page, and ultimately got to see the most scary ending. It is somewhat harrowing to continue going down the dark path that leads to this ending and if I'm thinking right, it's proper-spooky in its own way.

That was absolutely amazing! Every second of it! It made me feel some type of way. It was very moving.

That was pretty dark and creepy, but in a good way. You did a great job on this!

fun little diversion. I actually LIKE your accent.. .so many times you hear someone with language problems put all the wrong stresses on syllables, or mispell things... not bad! work a little bit on the CUTENESS of the art... the colors and vague cuteness totally undercut the mood, but i can see where it works in a certain way, if you know what i mean. and i don't realy right now, my brain is not coming up with the right words to describe my meaning, unfortunately. I blame my autism specturm disorder. ;) nice job. i enjoyed this. I'l take this kind of horror over Night of The Creeps and Alien (EWW) any day.

Been looking for this for an epoch since I forgot about it. Thanks, this is a great one.

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2009
8:26 PM EST