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Shadowman & The Garroter

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This is my Halloween movie. It is ambiguous, to a certain extent. Is Shadowman in control? Is he just along for the ride? Who is that dude without a head? Who knows?
You do.

I decided to make this on Monday, so it isn't very long. I would hope, however, that its length does not make it a bad movie. Let its content be the judge of that.

Also, this is for KillaKevvy, because he favorited me, and I told him I would make movies just for him. I am a man of honor, I do not go back on my word.

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Nice halloween submission

The graphics are decent, but could have been a bit cleaner (ie, not so many pencil strokes). I don't think the grapics would lose anything from their creepiness if they wheren't scribbled so much.

I had to watch this twice, the first time I didn't realize that this blond hair was supposed to be a head. So I thought: "What? Who was screaming there when the guillotine came down?".

Maybe you could make this a bit more clearer with showing the victim being led to the guillotine.

But overall it was a very nice submission, very creepy. I especially liked the shadow of the tree in the beginning. Also, the music fits very nice to this submission.

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Somewhat creepy

I've honestly seen creepier things but this kind of gets you at the last minute with the head being chopped off of the guillotine and the head laying there while you expect the eyes to open up and scare you witless.

Animation: Looks very much like that of Salad Fingers in way of animation except a lot more squiggly lines to outline where the thing or person is at which seems to help out a bit near the end only, what was up with the tree's shadow?

Storyline: Apparently it did something wrong and ended up getting it's head on the guillotine and killed.

Audio: Somewhat creepy but could have gotten even better audio or made one yourself to make this even more creepy.

Overall: This seems to be pretty good but it was too short and should have been a bit longer, could have added a talking person who was cutting the head off.

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Cool, but left me desiring more...


The film had a dark foreboding feeling to it,
and the imagery was pretty cool, & the music also suited the piece.

Unfortunately, the animation varied from being good, to poor.
Another problem was the drawings seemed rushed, as if you didn't take the time to make the anatomy accurate.

It was also pretty short, & I couldn't really figure out the story, so I'm going to assume you wished to begat a narrative, and focus on creating a mood.

I think you did pull off a disturbing atmosphere, so I'll credit you that,
however the other flaws do hurt the overall integrity of the film.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

A little short

There were certainly some creepy bits in this piece and with the combination of the music and the actual animation, it wasn't bad - with how the shadow appeared to migrate, perhaps you could have done more - the tendril like wisps of the shadows could have done something and the hand that we looked at could have shown a normal hand curling up, then suddenly one that opens up with the claws, for example.

It's a god start, but I think that there needs to be more plot to it. Perhaps this guy sneaks into people's houses at night and steals young girls for his sadistic pleasure? I'm sure you can come up with something that fits for the whole piece.

[Review Request Club]

FAtmat666 responds:

Thanks for the review!
I know that its short, but I wanted to make it in time for Halloween, which gave me less than a week. It's length also made it difficult to explain the plot.
Also, Shadowman is not evil, I want him to be more like conflict and strive for chaos. or something.
Shadowman is also unable to change people, or even scare them alone. He needs a host to be effective.
I also don't see what was wrong with the plot I had. Perhaps it was executed poorly, but I don't think it needs to be replaced for this to be a good short.
Also, the green dude is just supposed to be a tool/ride that shadowman got his kicks on. He'll move on next time.

Creepy short

This was one eerie Halloween flash short,the animation looked creepy yet good and the sound effects was quite bonechilling all the build up to a cool end too,nice work.