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The Creep

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EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage. :p
EDIT2: 10k hits? Not bad.

After a month of hard work and fun, Mexifry, Lambinvoker, and MrAbnormal begin on a journey to make one of the most awesome zombie halloween flashes of all time.

Naw I'm just messing with ya.
It's cool, but not THAT cool. B)

But really, we spent a month on this and we were really happy with the result! I think we all put our best guns forward and made something we were proud of.
I hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.

Thank you Nogfish for making the music!
And ZekeySpaceyLizard for the ending when I ran into writers block!

Btw, MrAbnormal doesnt have a big dick.

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Mexifry, I have a question for you. Why did you go and tell C&H to spend more time on their characters when you have by far one of the worst animations I've seen to date. Now here's the thing, I'm not saying I could do better, because I don't animate. But maybe you should take your own advice and take a little more time designing your chars. Oh btw, it wasn't funny at all. It was boring as shit.

Mexifry responds:

I was an arrogant dick then but i mean C&H still sucks dick


not too bad... but I'm going back to C&H

Mexifry responds:



9/10 & 4/5

A pretty funny animation, liked the ending "no violence here, guys!" But it was a short animation, but I've been viewing over 70 animations that were short so don't worry. Good job on this animation, I liked the music very nice and all of you guys deserve 4 stars but if I vote now the score won't go up because I already did 5 of them already, so tomorrow you will see me voting this animation and I will be happy if you make another cool sorts of animations like this, very nice job guys.

The graphics were ok with the guns and stuff but kind of needs a bit more of work, but this was very nice I wanna see more animations from you. And, is this animation was submitted because it was Halloween of 2009? I could even tell, when I scrolled down I saw "Related Series/ Collections" and on the buttom was a Halloween picture and it says "HALLOWEEN 2009." Anyway this was the most favorited in all of the animations I just saw today. I enjoy you animating real bad! Happy be-lated Halloween!

Here are my scores:

Graphics: 8/10
Comedy: 8/10 (Because the ending.)
Music: 8/10
Animation: 9/10
Creative: 10/10
Total Score: 4/5
Word: Cool, I want to see another cool Halloween animation/game next year.

Now I hope you enjoy and love my review.

9/10 & 4/5


Characters remaining: 2,668

Mexifry responds:

I feel it could be improved in many ways, but im glad you enjoyed it!


not funny at all just stupid and you can criticize me but im just puttin in my thoughts

Mexifry responds:

I'll be sure to add more 4chan memes next time!

hahahahahhahahah loved the end

ahahah, lols no violence here boys

Mexifry responds: