Sore the Demon Slayer 3

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Third part of Sore's demon slaying adventures. This times, he fights weird ghoul creatures. But it seems someone controls them. Who could it be?

I've been reading all the feedback to my two last ones, and did my best to improve.
If you ask me, I'll say you should watch part 1 and 2 before this one, so you can keep up. But it is not required - just a suggestion.

Hope you enjoy. Please comment and rate. :)

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I have to admit it Kurvos, you have gotten better at this since your 1st episode, and it seems that it's inspired by the madness series. it ain't the best but it's much better then what i could ever do. i wish u luck. ;3


I'm going to agree with Nantes here, this whole Sore the Demon Slayer series is a pile of fail...and autism. The series is soo unoriginal that its not even funny.
Everytime I look at these episodes, I gag at the dullness you convey between Sore and the demons. The fights are shitty, the character is a HUGE Gary Stu who has irrelevant backstory such as "I h8 Jesus lol".

What you can though with this is to put moar effort into these series. If you're are going for the whole macabre thing + action thing, you can extend or add more fight scenes into it. Design better demons and if you can, try to get make voices on your characters. They dont have to have voices, but its a usual turn on for people. Another thing you can do is to make the story clear. I mean its ok for you to describe what the fuck is happening in your "Author comments" but try to flesh the plot out in the animation, because whenever I look at these episodes, all I see is you putting some text saying what is happening and the location. Dont just limit yourself with using text, try out different ways to present a scene and you'll eventually improve your animations for the better.

In my opinion though, this episode "tried to hard" on the whole idea of being "kick ass". It couldve been sooo much better if you took the moar time to work on this project. Personally (and this is just me so, dont get worked up over it plox), these episodes are shitty and uninteresting and like I said before is full of failure and bawwtism...I mean autism. Please dont let your autism get in the way with your work because its just going to fail. Thank You and good night.

Kurvos responds:

You got some interesting points there, kid. However, I do put a LOT of effort into it. Not only do I have to animate everything in my free time; but I also have to do all the sfx myself, and design all the characters myself, plus draw them in several angles. And I put a lot of effort into designing everything as well. And I will not use voice actors, because I have no need for it. This is how I do it. And I don't even try to make it "cool". I just make him fight, and tries to pick out what poses and moves seems the most practical.

You are rude and immature, and your constructive criticism does not excuse you to do that. You insult my videos, calling them "autistic" and "gay". There is nothing "autistic" about it. You just want to find a way to offend me. And calling it gay is just immature hardcore.
I have never even told that Sore hates Jesus - he hates Christians, you jackass. I don't even have autism, you asshole. I have asperger's syndrome, which has nothing to do with this. As a matter of fact, that just makes me capable of doing things easier I like to do.

So, here's what you need to think of - don't insult me, grow up, and get real. You're an insult to humans. And your points might be interesting - but some of them are not even correct, and the rest are more or less useless. If you want me to improve, then behave like an adult.


Not bad! I liked the design style of your characters it looks like you put in a lot of good effort into the animation. Congrats on a very good flash.
I read in another review that you took no inspiration from the madness series, but there are quite a few similarities between that style and yours, so I would expect people to make the connection. Just take it as a compliment.

I would like to make a few comments though, just opinions on what you could do better. I have nothing to say about the animation, I thought it was great and the visual design of the characters is awesome, but the storytelling could use some heavy work.

Saying things like "Also, his powers got greater than before", and "Not much, but it was ok", just sounds like you are describing the story to someone in a casual conversation, not like a story unfolding before the viewer.

Why not throw something in like "Wielding his beloved sword, (insert sword name), Sore's powers grew even stronger."
And describe the town as "Eventually, he moved into Sunshine Town, a small, quiet refuge in the outskirts of the land."
I swear I am not trying to be a jerk, but my opinion is that almost every bit of text could use a major re-think.

I think it would go a long way to help the series.
Keep up the great work.

Kurvos responds:

Hey, I could not see you as a jerk at all. You are right. I do need to work on the storytelling. Your way of describing it made it way more cool. That is what I try to work on from now on. Also, I do my best to improve the animations as well, even though you said you where fine with it.
Thanks for your constructive review. It is very appreciated.


...well, that was just stupid. Only good thing, was that it had half decent animations. But it just felt like a dull cliché fighting video of Newgrounds, but with Dracula and Dr. Jekyll stolen for a change. Not creative on my records, anyway

Kurvos responds:

Do you know what I have learned? To not criticise how a amateur like me making this for free is doing their animations, when you don't seem to have any idea yourself how hard it is. And "cliché fighting video of Newgrounds"? You just stole what I wrote on another video, just for the purpose of payback. But the worst and most low part of that, is that his video is very highly rated and popular, while mine are rated down to the bottom. I made these videos for the entertainment value of demon slayer fans. And not original? I have worked on all the design from scratch myself, and the build-up on what will happen. Oh, you think you could be as creative yourself as I was in this latest video, perhaps? Well go on and make one yourself, then. I'd like to see you try.

You did this for no other purpose, more than being a douchebag. And do you know what's most ironic? YOU tell ME I am the one who's not original, while you yourself are so unoriginal, you steal a comment of my own. And as said, I am very sceptical it matters to that guy who did that video. But for me, I am on the bottom. Grow up, kid.

Definite improvement.

This episode has improved on almost everything that the first and second were lacking, the fight scenes have gotten much better and are are not just a slash or a punch and they're dead. overall i think the series is getting a lot more of the recognition as a i mentioned in my previous reviews. keep up the good work, hope you can improve enough to get a front page :-).

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Oct 27, 2009
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