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Jungle Treasures

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Author Comments

Play with WSAD - Run, Space - Jump, ZX -Shot right and left, C- change weapons. To complete level you must collect all chests with treasures. Left bullets is extra scores.

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Fun, but the fun eventually stales quickly.

Wait, so those blue things are "Hounting Dogs" (from what I see on the text that pops up on the lower left.)
And the large brown things are "Giant Monkeys"
Also, I didn't know that Apaches lived in the jungle. (They're from the American Southwest for crying out loud.)
And then, there are the "giant spiders" that make this unusual noise.
I like how the shotgun only comes with three rounds, when most things take two shots to kill. (This is sarcasm).
I also saw Moai statues too. Whether it is just another intended anomaly or a tribute to Gradius, I don't know, but at that point, my suspension of belief just plummeted through the floor. Then, after seeing uzis and desert eagles, I'm beginning to wonder what era this game took place in.

When you die, it says "You Dead." (I wonder if the author is doing this on purpose.)

At first glance, I thought this game would be bad. And normally, I'm wary of games that involve collecting X number of goods to proceed.

But it was actually fun. (For a bit). It was full of surprises and quirks, yes.

There are very carefully hidden spike traps-hidden because of the way the camera is so zoomed out. (I actually like the camera this way-it gives you a sense of what is going on around you and how to deal with the threats.)

The AI is complicated enough to be able to track you, yet dumb enough that you can exploit it. I was amazed especially at the Apache's prowess.

It's fun to see how they sometimes wait on vines and ladders until you go past. Or how they chase you into the lakes (they can't hurt you when they're swimming) Or how at times with the shotgun I can blast them a huge distance away Hollywood style on the first hit (if they're in midair). On the second and fatal hit, they crumple like normal, though.

But mostly you're going to be running from them because you will never have enough ammo. Like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. (the character even has a green shirt) I don't mind that a bit-in fact, it's part of the thrills of this adventure game.

And then, the bad.

Later on, you'll encounter the hard stuff-what I mean is long corridors that you must actually get through that have a swarm of enemies-including some nasty ones that'll take chunks off your meter. In such corridors, your mobility is severely limited, so either you have hop like crazy and hope you land away from enemies or you bring an Uzi and mow as many of them as you can.

The slowdown in these latter levels where there's a lot of enemies onscreen also kills the experience,
Also nasty are the jumps later on-doing some hops between midair platforms become a chore when the controls aren't exactly top-notch.
You can actually glitch through some floors and enter some rooms from below.
And then, there's no way to continue where you left off. (It takes a long time to reach where I was).

I actually wish that the Lionmen and Wolfmen had Apache-like intelligence and actually came after you so that you could pull some of them away. The damage they do is appropriate-but the camping behavior they employ is just ridiculous.
I also think that there's no need to have two weapon firing buttons. If you wanted to do such controls so that you can shoot while moving in the opposite direction, then you've failed at that. You can only shoot on the ground, and when you fire, you stop.

Unfortunately, my patience grew thin. At stage 10, I was bored and quit with the feeling it should have ended a few stages ago. I wanted to give the game more credit, but I just couldn't. I can't even believe I played it as long as I had.


This game is cool !

But i think graphics are too small
so its confusing to see what you are doing

Its a good idea the other character chases you,
so you have reasons to run
But in general its well done

Cheers !


Reminds me quite a bit of the old school Lode Runner game. My only suggestion is that you zoom a bit more in on your player and less on the entire surroundings of the level.

meh it's ok

The game is a decent platformer I guess. The main problem I have with it is....why does everything have to be microscopic? It makes it really hard to play. I can only imagine someone with eyesight problems trying to play this game.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2009
12:08 AM EDT