The Geno Chronicles

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Hey Guys This is a flash i have been working on for some time
im still new to flash and i hope with this animation that i am getting better
so i hope you enjoy the geno chronicles :)
EDIT: Got rid of Scene select due to Errors also I know its a sprite movie i just thought it was something good to begin with :)

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Dude you made the worlds best choice choosing Geno


not cool you left me with a cliff hanger. lol great animation I'm waitng to see more.

very swell.

There were a few things here and there. It seemed to me that Geno calling the king master...sort of seemed out of character for him. Geno strikes me as that sort of...renegade, and I think he wouldn't really use that word. I think perhaps lord ship, but something more or less regal would do. Buuut I'm not ducting points for something small as that. Just a suggestion is all.

Now...it does seem odd that the grand daddy of the stars looks like a mushroom resident. But we could say he takes on a corporal form whenever he visit's the more earthly plains of existence, away from the stars. Maybe put that in the story?

That block Mario hit...it should have become an empty block. Unless...its got like, infinite feathers in there.
Those knight escorts would look awesome and intimidating with a weapon, and perhaps the mushroom kingdom emblem on it.

Perhaps at the last scene with the big guy, (not naming for spoiler reasons,) those koopas should be facing the screen, since it would appear your going for Geno's perspective.

The flash fading in and to Mario was good. I liked that. I found the music fit very well.
Now, we just need to give Geno some arm cannons so he can go-GYAAAHH!!- Rambo style on them, wasting them all. Maybe in the next installment perhaps?

I expect some great things from you.
Thanks for the animation!

PS: you had better reply so i know you read this, lol jk. its all good. nice work! really.

CozDogga responds:

Hmm i see,
i suppose if i make another one the storyline is gonna be alot more solid and ill put more effort on the minor details such as the blocks and i am gonna add a cannon for geno

Could use some typing work.

Other than that, you've got a nice plotline to it.

good pick

geno :p

CozDogga responds:

Geno! :)

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4.02 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2009
3:08 AM EDT