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Bob's Plank

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Author Comments

So, this is my first upload to Newgrounds, so constructiv criticism is appreciated.

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Haha! funny

Is it a plank? Is it a Football? No, its a birthdaycake

Malmedal responds:

Actually it is a football AND a birthday cake.


5/10 just for the brain twsiting wierdness of what just happened, animation was sub par, but in its own way, twisted.

sound was ok?

story... won't even go there.

WTF! you high or somthin?

Malmedal responds:

Yeh, only thing i was liek totally happy with was the sound.
The rest is ment to twist your brain. And it did :0 The lack of story halps the brain twisting.
thx for response


Kinda reminded me just a little bit of the Baman Piderman series if you've seen it.

Malmedal responds:

I've seen it. I love it.


Why repost it? athough looking at it, the first time i watched i thought it was quite amusing. athough theirs a limit to how... random something can be.

Reposting is illigal though

Malmedal responds:

Cuz im noob and i wanted to change the tank-man.