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BurritoClock vs Microwave

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First off: This is a parody of Joe Cartoon's "Gerbil in a Microwave".
I figure I can drink more then that pussy so it's ok.
Also, look for the secret button that reveils B.C.'s true identity!!!1

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Pretty simple shitpost here, only really just you "killing" another member of the clock crew. There seems to be a common theme of having them live anyways.


Do you seriously think you did better than Joe? You must be stupider than this flash.


I liked Joe Cartoons one BUT THIS IS BETTER!!!!!!!

That sucked

No originality, stealing the exact script from the original idea too. Plus you made it more boring due to there being NO animation whatsoever.

Plus that stupid computer voice sounds crap in this.


You Suck

That was just a copy of that Hampster in a microwave that was made years ago. You should get your own style. In fact stop making flashes. I've seen some of your flashes and they sucked. I don't even know how these stay on the portal. Please try and improve your flash skills before you submit anymore..