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Just as a note: this is my last movie maker movie cuz as i found not now movie maker sucks! ill be lurning how to make flashes so i wont post my vids as fast as i veen doing...

This is a seres of sprites i made myself (well as for as copy right goes), the longer the movie goes the more xp i have in makeing movies sence this is my 1st one i ever made, as for the quality issue i had during the movie i made before this (your my number one!) i think i got this one to look alot better. also sence moviemaker is not shoing good results ill try to figure out how flash works. till then, hope you like these 2 i made till a new one come out!

PS: if for anyreasion this dont look good on your computer, just type my name (Latroy6) on youtube and see ether of the two videos.


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not good at all i didn't want watch the all or it !!!!!!

Not so great.

The quality is very poor. So I would work on that. The voices aren't too great, and the sound is kind of bad as well. I would work on those if you decide to make another one.

With work this can be better. The content itself isn't horrible, it's just all the other things listed above that make it not so great.

Latroy6 responds:

ya i found this out yesterday, im remakeing some parts to at lest make it sound beter, read the Author Comments above to see a more "cleaner virson," at lest till i can remake this one


The quality is horrible. I can't make anything out. Fix that and I might be able to actually make it through.

Latroy6 responds:

thinx for being honest, to tell the truth i gave myself a 3 at heart.
read the arther commet above and may-b the non compressed virson will look better.

How come ?

How did you get a 9.5 MB look so awefull ?

Compress your sound, not your video, seriously, since sprites already have a low resolution, you don't want it in even lower resolution, it screws with the whole thing, we can't even appreciate your work because of this.

Latroy6 responds:

trust me it was alot better before i compresed it, also sence i did not kno how to use flash back then i used movie maker, whats worse is that it was 36mb at 1st and looked pretty nice, but i had to compress affects and stuff down to 5mb so i can post it here...
sorry for really messing up so ill work on flash now, if you ant to see a better virsonscroll up and read the arther commet.

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1.90 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2009
11:39 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody