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Catch the Crap

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You need mouse to play and shoot all the falling crates before they hit your fellows house, Good luck and Enjoy

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Well, the animation is nice

That's about it, though. The game is boring because there's no skill needed, just have to keep the cursor as close to the spaceship as is allowed by your game mechanics. The game is a nice idea in theory, but the implementation could use some work.


Agreed with other authors. Please fix the containers issue.

Can't lose!

It was a nice idea but you don't have to aim at all. No matter where I aim and shoot I can destroy the containers even if I am aiming in the complete opposite direction, also there was the problem when there are left over containers after you win a round they would increase your corruption percentage on the next. Try and fix these problems and it would be a lot better.

Big Flaw

You can basically click anywhere when the little things come down and it will assume you shot it or whatever. So the game is rendered pointless :/ fix this flaw, so that the game requires some sort of skill, and also loop the music better somehow, or find better music. then you will have a more accepted game.

Luckeh winna of mah review nr. 100! :D

Seriusly dude. this game sucks balls. graphicks are okay, but the game must be set on "This-Must-Be-Like-You're-Not-Playing -At-All" coz wherever i shoot i hit the container thing :I
i can olso speak with you on danish if ya want :)