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You are the human cannonball. You get shot out of a cannon and you need to pass through hoops, collect items and even bounce on trampolines to score points. Upgrade and go for the next challenge!

Fire with space
Change direction with up/down arrows
At the beginning of each level, the LEVEL GOAL is shown ABOVE THE CANNON. Reach it to advance in the game.

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Played it at Gamershood first, but it's the same game.
I keep getting stuck on level 5 where I have to bust through the paper-covered ring. I keep on hitting it and falling.
Aside from that (and that seems more like a challenge than an issue), I liked it.


the game is unbeatable. i broke through 4 ring things and it didnt count any of them. you need to fix that problem right quick.

needs work

its not bad but dolemike is right u hit it and u have almost no control so u hit what ever is near it

also u should add a few more rings they r spaced far apart and u only c a few

and the engery cells speed u up hiting 1 is ok but after 2-3 ur moveing a bit to fast


i like this game, but so far i cant get passed lvl 5 =\

Not bad

Not too bad at all. Pretty entertaining, good for wasting time.

One problem, though - unless you have the maxed out helmet, it appears to be impossible to get past lvl 5. You can break through the paper hoops after using gymnastic rings, but it doesn't count.