Xenospace: Colony

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The Xenos are back and this time there are more of them to slaughter! Featuring new types of aliens, 8 maps, and the possibility to place automated sentry guns and robotic grenade launchers!



nice game just like the last tho the main problem is with being swamped.. when not swamped its too easy to stay alive but when u are ur very restricted and u die in seconds.. maybe add in a speed boost ability or a safe zone u could use just to get ur bearings.. due to most these weapons being only usable at range u cannot kill the aliens at close range.. and the weapons u have for close range cannot kill enuff aliens fast enuff before u die.. so id suggest to have sections of the map alien free and have a process of unlocking these areas.. after unlocking them they can become infested.
having this will allow u to get a little room between u and them to kill em

umm yeah!

So it had much explosions alien scum and some weapons which were unlocked in about a second. You dont really understand whats going on if there are only explosions through those extras you pick up + the enemies... the enemies were MUCH too strong and TOO FAST! at the end they one hitted me! i stopped for not even a second to shoot at them and i was instantly dead! And its not even the worst that you made them too strong, you also made the player slower when he got hit, which was ALL the time!

It had some good graphics and action, but seriously: your dead in a second if they hit you...!

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this is a really good game i had alot of fun playing it. can i ask if you obtained some inspiration from warhammer 40k at all? the marine looks similar to the ultramarines

abit simialr to boxhead dont you think?

I mean, the choosing level screen is exactly the same (4 classing and 4 diffense), and also the actual gameplay is pretty much the same except of the fact that the whole area is diagonal (not straight) which makse the game be a lot weirder. And you also are a robot fighting bugs which is less fun.

prolly the funnest game ive played on here!!

omg great job! its excellent!

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2009
9:39 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional