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King's Island 2

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Author Comments

If you want fight with rage and irony against false good, if you want to knock down hordes of furious, nutty enemies, if you want to cry to the moon during the day and break down your mouse with you clicks, enter now the crazy world of King's Island!

Move, attack, interact with object: Mouse
Menu (with SAVE options) : ESC
Inventory: I
Switch combat mode:M
Fast object/spell use:1-5

http://www.ageofgames.net /mapsandguides/maps/kings -island-2-maps.html

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Here's a tip.

Go to www.ageofgames.com, and there will be maps for this game, and the maps for the previous series of King's Island. Just look at the top middle section of the screen (not the very top) and there will be a map section and click on the game that you want the map for.

Enjoyable but aggravating

I really enjoyed playing the game when it was working. I had noticed that sometimes the enemies would get stuck on the corners of buildings but that was ok with me since it made them easy to kill. However, once it happened to me I made the mistake of saving and trying to reload my saved game, and it loaded me right in the same spot and I couldn't attack or move.

good over all

yes it dose need a map the saveing is ther yet hidden in the puase menue use escape to get it. also a walkthrugh on some quests would be highly enjoyable many people looking for one by internet may get the kings QUEST2 wich is a very unrelated topic sorry..... but also a bug i found that if you paralize some one then keep killing them you could get infinet xp and objects by doing it on a knight okay that over with by!

Nice job.

Ok, I'm going to try to be as critical as I can, constructively of course.

First of all, I'm going to tell you that overall it's a great game. It kept me enjoyably busy, with a determination to finish for several hours. With that being said, you have some bugs to work out.

The first that comes to mind are your spelling errors throughout the game. Some are in the Merchant's Menus, and others are just visible through dialogue with the characters. It's obviously not a huge deal, but it makes it seem like you're either ignorant, or careless.

The next issue I noticed was that occasionally when targeting enemies, you wouldn't be able to attack them. I would have to reposition my character several times (even when I was right next to the enemy) to allow myself to be able to attack them. It happened primarily against Archers but occasionally it would occur against other foes as well.

Thirdly, as others have previously mentioned, the use of an overview map of your currently positioned level would be EXTREMELY handy. It is very difficult to explore blindly several different levels especially while being required to search for specific items hidden throughout.

Lastly, I was not able to find the Candle, therefore I also was not able to finish the game, which was rather frustrating. So I would also suggest the option of a walkthrough. Though, this could have just been incompetence on my part (though I searched every level available to me VERY thoroughly several times), so I won't take points away for this last issue.

All in all, nice job. Take care of the matters listed above, and you'll have an absolutely excellent game. 9/10, 4/5

i logged in just to write this

this game is great nice graphics and ive played it 3 times so far i wish you could save your game and i wish a map or at least dont have respawning creatures also the game lacks final touches to make it a 10 of 10 but i love this game for what its worth 9 out of ten make another one with a map and if you do have respawning creatures at least make it half i hate having to kill worthless creatures over and over...played this game all the way till my battery died i like how you can be both a mage and a warrior and you have a item dude too nice game i gonna try the 1st one too

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
12:11 PM EDT