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APA TU?! (what is that?!)

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Author Comments

Assalamualaikum & Hey there!

This is an experimental clip made by me, applying animation into a real life video. Recorded in my hostel room at MALAYSIAN MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY (MMU).

Hope everyone will enjoy watching this, because I'm very happy making this for ya'll! :D
VOTE HIGH, yeah? :P

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Good short film

This is a very good short film. Hardly a minute long, but very nice indeed. I think it's quite hard to get an anitmation in an actual film, as of course you can only imagine where the animation should appear in the picture and what it is doing. So it's a lot of work to get the timing right.

The biggest let down of this flash is the unsteady camera. A tripod seems to be a must for those kind of flashes, as the animation is in the picture itself, not in the real world. So, if the camera is unsteady, the animated figure seemingly jumps from place to place, even though it should stand absolutely still. It was most visible, when you stood up and filmed down in the backyard. The camera moves from left to right and so does the character, which looks very unrealistic and sort of destroys the nice image you created when the character first appeared on the screen and climbed up that wall.

{ Review Request Club }

akoRn responds:

Hey thanks. Indeed, I do worried bout the camera. Didn't plan to publish this at first, juz makin this due to boredom. But thanks! I will make a serious project based on the same medium

Nice! :)

Good job on this, it's quite an interesting short. Wish it was longer though...

Graphics were not too great. Video quality was nothing too special (cellphones aren't too good for filming :P) and the... umm... thing, whatever it was, was quite simply drawn, but they did the job anyway. Animation was smooth overall, but the camera steadiness needs a little more work. Also, in some parts it did lagg and got stuck sometimes, but that probably was my awful computer acting up again...

Concept isn't too original, but it kept me watching till the end without knowing what's going to happen next. Could have a little more of a story, since a guy popping up behind a laptop, jumping out of a window and spreading out wings leaves you with quite a few questions: What was that guy? Why'd he jump out of the window? Why was the voice actor so worried he'd die? You should try and give the flash more of an introduction if you want to make this longer. By the way, preloader was cool, lol :).

Audio was decent quality, and thank goodness for the subtitles at the bottom O_o. You could've done some sound effects of the thing climbing up the window, spreading its wings, the wind soaring by while he's falling, etc. By the way, I spotted you (or whoever was voice acting) laughing a little right after you said 'aaaggghhh!' :P.

A nice little short that I enjoyed watching. Just work on implementing a longer storyline, maybe add some sound effects and try not to laugh after you go 'aaaggghhh!' XP.

-Review Request Club-

akoRn responds:

Thank you for the fantastic review. I will try to improve based on this!

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

First off I felt that your cameraman could have been a bit steadier with the camera. :P I also think that you did a great job with the smoothness of the animation, especially with how jittery the camera was. I would think that it would be a bit easier to animate with a stationary camera, so congrats on doing the good work with a bit of a harder environment.

~ Graphics ~

You had some pretty good video quality. I know that flash can take down the video quality quite fast, but you also had a big file size for such a small movie. (I know how it can be though as I have many flash/videos on newgrounds that are actually above 10MB and some are even up to 18 and 19 MB)

The drawing of the little guy was done quite well. Good color, good drawing, good design, and even though a bit simple, it was still quite effective.

~ Content ~

I guess the real downfall was the lack of content in the submission. This would be cool if you could take some video and even add a story line to the submission or at least some sort of plot.

You could have even done something very simple such as have the little guy fall on someone that was walking below and to have that person react so it gives the illusion that he is actually there even more.

~ Audio ~

Thank you very much for the subtitles as I couldn't understand a word that was being said. Sound quality was rather good though, but again quality wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't for the subtitles in this case.

~ Overall ~

Looks like you succeeded in the experiment so why not try and make something out of it now?

~ Review Request Club ~

akoRn responds:

Wow thanks.. I'm now planning to grab some of my friend to make something interactive based on the animation (as u suggested above) and also, better quality video cam (even tho I'm using a cellphone for this)

Thanks alot! :)

An Interesting Cross Dimensional Suicide Attempt

For an animated short, this is very interesting as are most live action-animation movies. Though the language (Malaysian I'm guessing) was very confusing and ear-piercing. If it wasn't for the subtitles, I would've had no idea what they were saying.

This review has to be short as is this movie. It's only fair.

-Review Request Club: Mana Reviewer's Come To Have Fun. Sila Saya Diketik Kanan Ini.

akoRn responds:

Yes, it is Malay language. haha. Thanks for the review! =D

Very interesting short

Though this piece was woefully short, it was certainly a good piece of animation blended very nicely into the realm of reality that looks wonderful. I like the way that the thing jumps out from behind the screen, but I think I would have preferred if it jumped out of the computer screen - the little details make all of a difference, after all.

While it is simple and effective in the animation and delivery, it could have been made with an English dub to it - if you're good enough to translate it to English, without the issues of lip-sync to hold you back, you could have just done the English voices. Perhaps it was the character talking, but something should be done to show him talking, though I think that part of that was subjective - refering to the character in the 3rd person.

I look forward to more of your works.

[Review Request Club]

akoRn responds:

Thank you, really appreciate your fine review. I'll informing you if I submit more work in the future. Thanks again