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Whether you wish to tell ccaboong done? ccaboong way wish to achieve?

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Pretty nice

I liked it. It was pretty easy to pick up on what was happening through the context, so that was nice.

Good job all around


I have absolutely no idea what's going on. None of the text is translated.
Additionally, it seems you've used as many annoying sound effects as possible, and the sounds really start to grate on the ears after a very short time.
The art style is cute I guess, but poorly animating with tweens just doesn't cut it for me. Direction is terrible as well. Would it have killed you to draw the scene from more than one perspective? It gets old.


This was cute. I loved it. Good way to start the day off.


Hold your tounge and say "apple".


Good animation but please use a pre-loader next time. We don't all have super fast internet. And movies tend to play faster than they load.