ClideFrogs TowerDefence 3

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Clide Frogs Tower Defence 3 You Can't Kill What You Cant See.
Yayyyyz its out.
Now their is Easy Medium And Hard modes XD.
But this is not all this is a SPECIAL GEORGE BUSH VERSION.
Enjoy XD!!!


Really enjoiyed this one

Waaay better than the other ones. The effects were good, but you should work on the explosions and the background.

Simple and slightly overdone

Nothing new or original here, but still kinda fun to play. When you upgrade a tower to its max, however, it doesn't display the proper damage/range.


Sorry but the artwork was poor and the game was just boring.

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its ok.....

but kind a copy of a game from ninjakiwi

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This game is great!

I actually really enjoy this game, but it does get a BIT boring after a while, I mean there's not much to it is there:( Maybe the level design needs a bit of work....and it would be a bit better if the enemies didn't look pretty much all the same!(I know it's GB edition, but still). Also maybe a boss battle every ten waves or summat would mix things up a bit.

By the way when you want to upgrade the machine gun(Or gattling gun, whatever it's called) It says that it will upgrade to no splash damage, even though you do keep splash damage when you upgrade.

Hopefully this won't get blammed! But a few adjustments and I'm sure you'd have a shot at front page!

Great music choice too.

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2.93 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2009
6:40 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense