Captain Violence

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EDIT: Thank you for this award what you have bestowed upon me. I shall drink heartily from this mighty chalice and toast the cosmos under the guidance of both Zeus of Jebus. Cheers!

(I will respond to all reviews in a little while but I've got to go to B&Q to pick up some flooring (I'm redoing the hallway and living room) so I'll be back in a couple 'o hours.)


Violence, blood and pathos...

...we are about to learn a very important lesson.


Special thanks must go to the terrific voice actors for putting up with my nonsense over the last few months. They are, of course;

Courtney Leacock as: Narrator, Dr.Samuel Baxter, Parking Attendant, Captain Violence, "Billy".

Shard-Spider as: Dr.Dieter Von Slaphed/The Follicator.

and Ms. Rina-chan as: Susanna Giuseppe.

Thank you also to the fantastic audio artists who have unwittingly supplied the sound track to this glorious monstrosity.

I hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.


Really good!!!

Liked it very much.I want more

sorbitol responds:

HAHA! Thanks!

Who knows, it's quite possible that Captain Violence will return!



This wa sPreeeety Awesome!

sorbitol responds:

Thanks a lot!


Pretty cool

It's like a real violate comic. Really weird tho.

sorbitol responds:

Thanks! I wanted it to feel similar to a silver-age comic book but with a bit more violence.
Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the great review PKforce323!



While this was very well animated and the a/v quality was also excellent, I feel that it suffered from poor writing. Som of the wording felt awkward and the humor was somewhat lacking in punch. If you are not a good writer, it would certainly not be amiss to find someone on a forum more capable, as an animator of your caliber would have no trouble finding someone willing to help.

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A good spoof

I don't really get all the poor reviews either. Go back and watch some saturday morning cartoons, once you get past the golden era of Loony Toons and Tom and Jerry they're all really that corny.

I thought it was good, personally. Keep it up.

sorbitol responds:

Glad you got the "retro-moralising" reference of the old Saturday morning cartoons!

I used to love how old episodes of He-Man or Inspector Gadget used to have these ridiculous stories with all this brainless chaos everywhere and then in the last 45 seconds the tone would suddenly change and one of the characters would turn to the audience and say something like "Don't do drugs."

I looking back, with cynical eyes, it was probably just a desperate attempt at getting the parents to associate these characters with strong morals and upstanding values so that they'd buy the toys for us kids. But we knew it was all about the violence!

(Sorry to use this response as a makeshift chat-room!)

Thanks for the review, matey!


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3.79 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2009
8:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody