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Steam of War

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Author Comments

In a human colony far from earth, war rages on over the rich soil of the only habitable planet.
Command your units through hordes of enemies in this action packed RTS game.

created by devm-games (www.devm-games.com)
Code, graphics and level design: Jan (zworp) Rigerl
Additional level design: Jonas Johansson
Sound and music: Daniel Beckman

Use the mouse to select and move units.
Hold down space and drag to move the view, arrow keys or WASD also works.
Click+drag to select multiple units

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I'm knocking 2 points off here.

I found that the units can -only- auto attack, unless I'm missing a control somewhere...

This makes it impossible to use artillary, because they seem to refuse to auto attack anything.

Secondly, the spawn timer is very long for even the basic scout, though that is a minor niggle, the two points come off for the lack of an attack control.

Very fun.

Well, The game can be better if it had hotkeys and such. I cant click the whole day, and why is there such a delay in spawning units?

It was an enjoyable game.

This game was enjoyable but there are a few things missing in this game. Firstly, what you need is hotkeys, it is quite annoying to play this game without any hotkeys. Second, why must you wait for a few seconds before you receive a unit while the enemy can just spawn units without waiting. Third, the training system is not good. If your planes can fly anywhere, checkpoints are not needed and you can just destroy any strategic location if there are no enemy turrets there. Fourth, the population cap is bad, this discourages the player to build a lot of units and all you must do is just spam heavy tanks. Fifth, the storyline must be improved because all they said was that in a human colony far from earth, war rages on over the rich soil of the only habitable planet, and the ending was just to plain simple and nothing more. Therefore, if you make another game like this I hope you could improve and make it better. Hope you keep up the great work and after all, this was an enjoyable game. 4/5 10/10

Way too easy

These game was lacking in a lot of departments.
-First off, the enemy only sends one unit at a time to attack you. This allowed me to just rake in the money and offered no challenge.
-Secondly, no rock, paper, scissors combat is present. This means all you have to do is just make nothing but massive tanks. Scouts are too weak to be of any real use and the only purpose of artillery is taking down turrets.
-Third, the unit training system. The way for planes to just fly over and drop the units off destroys any strategy that might be there. Chock points became non-existent and the terrain may have just been a flat plane due to the resources I had acquired.
-Fourth, the population cap does nothing good. The population cap discourages players from making many, cheap, mobile units and encourages them to just save up and only buy the massive tank.
-Finally, too short.

This game looked pretty promising, but it needs a lot of work.


nice idea but its toned up to high and i dont like the fact in the underground you get ambushed at start and get no reinforcements major issue they wipe you out instantly maybe its a glitch?but besides thaT ITS COOL nice graphics and the fact that you attack and defend makes it an extra nice tact but other than the other part its good but i have to severly deduct for the issue of the ambush otherwise awesome game?

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2009
6:15 AM EDT