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Halo: Orions Spartans III

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Author Comments

Sorry about the bug, trying to fix it!


Hello again everyone! Here it is, as promised. Episode 3. The return of OS.

I'm aware alot of people are constantly saying "these spartans can't exist" or "it impossible".
Let me make you aware. The "Spartans" you see are genetically enhanced but not to the same state as the Spartans II's.
"Well what about the armour then?"
The armour is replicated spartan armour - The UNSC created it to give the illusion of more spartans when fighting the Covenant." It's alot lighter but because of that has no shield.
Thanks again to everyone who helped - Espcially Aquilas, Gamenoob {James Bryce) and the voice of Jaime Hatheway (whattheheck1). Overall time taken on this was around 4 - 5 weeks.
Rate and Review - You may want to turn the Quality to medium...
Enjoy the show!



i liked the little video in the extras , it was funny, can't wait until its finished. the main flash was awesome by the way.

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks GamerN4 the extra isn't gonna be finished until we decide to go ahead with it or not.

Top Job :)

nice work here iv went thro the 3 and love em nice story, animations the lot and i also saw some of the other reviews lol mate wow u got some shit lol ppl r idiots wat can u say :) anyway nice if u watch all 3 it makes sence to i kinda started at the 2nd 1 not a good idear i was so confused lol
so have a good 1 and great work keep it up :)

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks man - Im glad you enjoyed it! Yea there are always people who dislike something for no reason.


well, i gota give it to you for good animation and pretty good voice acting, i know its not easy to produce. but i have to take back three stars for two things that bugged me. i understand that its your story and completely fictional. but even the spartan III's were snatched up at child hood and trained like the other spartan programs with a few modifications to their enhancments. so thats issue number one, where'd did he get a family? and number two, may have just been the way it was animated but is he wearing a freaking Beret on the out side of his armor? in the middle of a potentially hazardous area? its a scene where he is speaking with amber light. BUT! in all the story is interesting and i did enjoy the animations. hope i didnt piss anybody off. -Jon

Enzer0 responds:

On your three points:
1) The people you see are not any specific spartan group, I, II or III. They were just ordinary soldiers in the UNSC that were subject to a new Genetics scheme. The reason they have spartan armour is because they are mock ups - Not real Spartan armour, more marine armour made to look like spartan armour; this was to give the llusion of more spartans in the war against the covenant - hoping it would strike fear in covenant forces.
2) Because of point 1, Ordinary soldiers have families
3) Yes it was a beret, it changes appearance of the armour, some like it some dont. Hope that helps ya out -Thanks for the review!

Another great film.

Great work on this film Enzo, I cant wait for the next one!
P.S. We still need to make more time for H3 on the weekends as a clan :)
Your friend, and weekend Overlord:

OS Wooten.

Enzer0 responds:

Lol thanks Wooten, see ya on Halorz

great vid

good and smooth animation voice acting okay a good idea for next movie shuld be they find th rest of johnsons frigate with master cheif in it lol

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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2009
1:52 PM EDT