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Sword Circle Fighter 2

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Author Comments

In this swordfighting game you have complete control over your sword. It features realistic physics using the Box2D physics library. So, just wildly swinging is probably not a good strategy. A good sense of timing, distance, and spatial reasoning will come in handy.

In Challenge Mode you can fight against a computer controlled opponent. As first, the computer will be easy to beat. However, every time you win, you will advance to the next level. On higher levels, your opponent will become more skilled. Every time you lose you will go back to the previous level. This way, the AI will gradually adjust to a skill level equal to your own.

Use the arrow keys to move around. Use J and K to swing your sword left and right. Try to hit your opponent with your sword and avoid his sword. If you or your opponent are hit, the game will automatically pause. Press ENTER to continue.

In Versus Mode two players can play against each other. Each player's score is displayed above their side of the arena.

You can set the in controls in Controls Mode. Click on the control you want to change and then press the key you want to change it to.

I hope you enjoy the game.

NOTE: The game runs best in internet explorer. Press ENTER to continue!

What's new in Version 2?

New Highscores!
Everyone's scores are displayed so you can compare!

New Awards:
Bronze Medal for a score of 50
Silver Medal for a score of 100
Gold Medal for a score of 150

Improved AI:
Less linear fighting style
Better at dodging attacks
Better timing

New Music by DjBjra

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Eh, after the 10-ish level you start to notice that the AI is given a pretty noticeable boost, or an advantage.

awesome and i found a trick to win

fake them out swing one way then quickly swing back to fake them out and easily win

Here I Come World!

Rank 22 And Closing!
Im Coming.

theres a glich in your game...

cauwse at a certain lvl it starts to go from 5 to 10 or something like that make it where you only get score it doesn't tell you your lvl and make a ranking list of world wide players to see what your sword fighting rank is.


screen of the game is too big

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2009
8:54 PM EDT