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Wolverine origins in 1min

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Bit late since the movie's several months out now. Ah well.
Drew most characters in their comic styles, since they'd all look like generic guys in my art style.

I know every B-movie needs the hero to lose a friend/brother/girlfriend /mentor in order to set up the climax, but geez, this movie has 9 of those deaths, wtf.
And only 2 real action scenes, is this a action movie or a slasher/ emo drama?

Wolverine also seems to love killing people who aren't really the villain but only hypnotised or brainwashed against their will. First lady deathstrike in xmen 2 and now Deadpool. Ah well, anti-heroes.

I'm suprised Wolverine hasn't died/ been revived in the movies yet, considering he dies and get's revived at least once every comicbook he appears in.

Thanks for help to Luke and Jordan

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Really, that isn't Deadpool that is a unsable version of him
they're actully both differnet people our favorite mercenery deadpool was created by sinster
this deadpool was the genetic copy of the x-men
just like Mewtwo is the genetic copy of didlo and Mew
Fuck im smart

that was a fucked up fight scene

Lol. The real Deadpool would certainly not approve of the fake movie version.


Too short but funny. Huge border lines - but I liked the art style. Entertaining and even laughed aloud a few times besides the smiles and snickers.

This is frickin hilarious
I didn't know Xmen had that many deaths but then I've never seen the movies anyway.
4.5 stars cause it was too short