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The Girl From Memory

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Hey Guys... Well It's been a while, I know... But here is my newest flash... I really hope you guys enjoy it... and if you did, I would really appreciate your comments...

Thanks Always,

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Good job!

Cool. Is the music-box in the girls room the same one n dead bodies? It's been bugging me for ages.I also think maybe more background info on the girl, I recently found the song (finally) and it came with a nice back story that doesn't qute match this. Other than that it's pretty much perfect.

i heard the song before watching this and thought it was going to be a little... different, but it wasnt quite what i had in mind. it was a bit boring. i was expecting it to be more dark i guess. but was litterally just a few scenes of her face and some springy robot things. the animation quality was good, but it simply didnt fit.

pretty good

The graphics were decent and the story line went well with the music. I listened to the song before and decided to check this out and glad i did. Really great!!
And don't let the others discourage you, this was good.


I saw it ages ago, it was hard but I'm glad I was able to find it again