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Brain Age Test

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What is your Brain Age? Find out now in this simple and fun test!

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This test is nothing compared to the actual test. It's too slow for me.


So it's a GOOD thing that your Brain Age is older than your actual age??
I'm 13 and my beain age is 27. So does that mean I'm as smart as a 27 year old or something?

Results page is fucked up

"If your actual age is less than your brain age than your mind is in great shape!

If your brain age is older than your actual age you just need a little work."

....that's... fucked up wording... that's like saying:

if (AgeActual < AgeBrain) then {good job}

if (AgeBrain>AgeActual) then {try harder}

see what I'm saying? that's the same "if" there worded differently and with different conclusions... you just broke so many laws


You get my 10/10 for sure. I've played the demo of Brain Age for Nintendo DS, and this is practically the same thing! I mean that as a good thing of course. You must have put alot of work into this, and it really has paid off.

To all those who wrote reviews saying they were confused about whether they got a good score or not, it's really quite simple. This test evaulates the accuracy and speed of processing power your brain has. As such, the higher the number, the slower/less accurately you think. So if your brain age is lower then your own, your very smart and quick about it. If it's higher, you need to work on training your brain as your slow and a bit dim witted (as far as the test is cncerned).

As for those who are below age 20, if the author of this game took his scoring system directly from the DS games, then 20 is as low of(and therefore the best) score you can get. So worry not. Sadly I got 39 and I'm only 20. It's the Sums at the end that did me in... I'm smart, I just take awhile to process what I'm thinking.


im 13 and got a 26 and still dont get is it a good or bad thing? xD
tho ppl sometimes tell me i got the experience and knowledge of a 22 yearold o.o