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Blackout (pt. 2)

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In 2007, I brought you Blackout. Now, nearly 2 years later (and hopefully worth the wait), I give you... BLACKOUT 2!

Yeah, sorry it took so long. I've been working on tons of other animations and games, like Super Runner, so I haven't put as much time into Blackout 2 as I could've been.

Anyway, Blackout 2 follows the story of George, who has been nearly killed by Ebmod, and captured by Zen. Even though the first one didn't have much of a storyline, I still suggest you watch it, just so you can get a feel for the characters.

I've added a better storyline, better graphics, and possibly better action than in the first one. It's also quite a bit longer, if you count the fact that you have to read a lot of text. If you don't, then it's about the same length.

I read ALL reviews, and respond to all (or at least almost all) of them. They help me make my animations better, and they're also fun to read. Even if you want to leave a review criticizing everything about my movie, it's better than nothing.

I really hope you like this. I've put a whole bunch of effort into it, and in the process I've learned a whole bunch more about Flash.

Oh, and don't expect Blackout 3 anytime too soon.

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perhaps ebmod wasn't suitable and calling his form a dragon like thing is kinda unfitting mostly cause it looks nothing like a dragon
and perhaps saying that the deminsion was destroyed is over-doing it because george, ebmod, and clone were still battling

trekopep responds:

Ebmod doesn't have much experience with dragons, so you need to take his form names with a grain of salt.
And dimension is a term used very loosely with Don. It's not really a 'dimension' per se, so it could be destroyed without anyone in it also being destroyed.

And yes, perhaps I'm just covering up plot-holes. Eh. It'll do.