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Asteroid I/X

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Author Comments

High-score table fixed (after a year being broken)! Both control schemes are noted in the help screen now.

W,A,S,D control scheme has been added: A,D for turning ship, W for thrust, S for repeller, and CTRL for firing your gun. The old Z,X, SLASH, ENTER, SHIFT controls still work, but they're no longer mentioned in the help screen.

- Shoot asteroids and bugs for points.
- Fire REPELLER once per warp to push away and destroy close objects
- Bugs subtract points from your score when they touch you. If they take you below a 10,000 point mark, you lose a shield.
- New shields are awarded every 10,000 points.
- Monster appears every third warp, with possibility of 4000+ points for defeating him and all his spawn.
- Bonus for clearing screen before warp.


I've played around a dozen Asteroids-type Flash games and wasn't particularly taken with any of them, so I took my own crack at it and tried to stay true in many respects to the original. The enemies are different, the monster in particular is different, the shields-instead-of-ships angle is different, but it's still very much asteroids.

This being my first Actionscript project, there are certainly potential bugs and I'll do my best to quickly repair them once brought to my attention, but I've played some fairly intense sessions on the game and I think she's pretty much good to go.

There are tips for scoring as well as an all-time high score table at the game's home page: http://www.apocalyptek.co m/asteroid_i-x/index.html . Also, a pretty sweet mock-up of an Asteroid I/X coin-op cabinet, so you might check that out if you're of a mind.

I guess that's it. Have a go, let me know what you think. Cheers!

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Really good job...

Its a good job and you have captured the essance of the original game but i just dont like the way youve done you movement or firing as far as buttons go
But good job.

More of a pain to play then worth it.

Should of stuck to the old school WASD or UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. Sticky Keys keeps poping up making it impossible to defend yourself or shoot. Although, was very graphicly appealing, for a few moments I thought it looked identical to the old school Asteroid game. FF power up was kinda cool, but not really needed, just saved my butt a few times from the stupid sticky keys.

Laemeur responds:

The Sticky Keys shortcut only takes a moment to disable, which is worth doing unless you actually use it. You can either select the Settings button when the pop-up dialog shows up, or open up Accessibility Options from the Control Panel. Click the Settings button in the Sticky Keys area, and un-check the "Use shortcut" box.

Nice job

The only thing I would say, is that you shouldn't have the shift key as the fire button, because on some computers, that activate "sticky keys" and throws a Windows pop up onto the screen, messing up game play if you try to rapid fire.

Laemeur responds:

Thanks. I'm aware of the Sticky Keys problem myself as I encountered it when putting the game together. I wanted to retain the original control layout from the coin-op (rotate buttons on left, fire and thrust on right) and tried a few combinations and came up against another problem, which was that on my two notebook computers, more than two non-function keys can't be pressed at the same time. This made it impossible to turn, thrust, and fire simultaneously. So, I went back to the Shift-for-fire config, hoping that either most gamers would already have disabled Sticky Keys, or at least that they wouldn't mind terribly to spend the few seconds to disable the shortcut.

Anyway, thanks for your review, I appreciate it very much.

there's something wrong

first, it's an asteroid game, nothing new, and the controls were all messed up, I have to guess how can you play this game? The whole game is unfriendly.

Needs more thought

Aside from the smoother graphics, nothing really sets this apart from the normal Asteroids. No music, no upgrades, and a one time use repeller. Try to put in a little more creativity into it next time, cuz' there's not much going for this game other than killing a good 5 minutes.

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2009
1:17 AM EDT