Alice In Wonderland-Gory-

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I noticed there werent a lot of Alice in Wonderland videos on newgrounds and decided to make my own version.
I made this for my animation class and I know the drawings arent very good I had to rush because I had a due date and finished just yesterday.
A little over a month it took me.

The music doesnt always match because I thought I fixed it and when I made it into a swf the music changed a little bit, and WHATEVER you do, DO NOT pause it or else the music will keep going lawl.

I fail at codes but I love animating, I just learned how to use the filters btw ^_^ I kind of abused them. XD

So I made another attempt to create a play button, no luck at all.. I think I am mentally retarded, I look in the book to see how and I did it I even got to clicking it... but I still had some issues.Im still working on it not sure what I'm doing wrong though. : /

BTW I got the soundeffects from findsounds, a website that saved my ass a little : D

Again, please dont bash me on not making a button I really want to learn but for some reason Im doing something wrong, not sure what it is but Ill try to work on that during class.. @_@ I feel retarded.
I know from my last submission i needed a play button

I guess I should let you know why the art work is scratchy, I used a mouse to draw it all, if I had a tablet I would have been able to make it a little bit more well, I guess less tweening I should say would be involved.

The very first song is Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days



a very good animation.. but maybe you should try to get better graphics for the background! but still good

Syringes responds:

Thats what everyone is tellin me, lol, I will do that then if I can im bad at backgrounds ><


It builds up, and it is scary indeed, great submission for Halloween! Starts off pretty ambient, but gets better and better the longer it progresses. Imaginative and wellmade, keep it going!


Syringes responds:

Yea im glad I got it done near halloween.

Thanks so much and I will : D


This movie was incredibly good!
At first it didn't seem so good but it just became better and better!

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Syringes responds:

Lol I guess I slowly improved while making it aye? ^^



Syringes responds:


O -O

This is the best Alice In Wonderland Re-do I've ever seen.
Well done.

Syringes responds:


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Sep 30, 2009
6:55 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 5th Place October 1, 2009