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Conscience and Therapy

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Author Comments

A soldier shoots a boy, and then goes totally crazy or something. He then gets therapy, which sucks.

It starts off a bit slow, but I promise it picks up.

Also, this has nothing to do with Zelda, I just like the song.

Also also: Review!

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Chaos and Insanity

I've always heard chaos and insanity in the Song of Storms and this flash compliments those feelings very well. I don't exactly get why there's a soldier and a boy in the first place, but it's not a big deal. Some scenes were boring like the car bouncing up and down, but it did pick up after that. Animation isn't the best but way better than I could do.

Hm, details please :P

~ Animation ~

The animation was a bit choppy in a couple of places. For example when the car was bouncing up and down from the external view of the vehicle it really didn't look like it was being drove at all, but instead just bouncing up in down.

~ Graphics ~

The drawings were pretty good for the most part, but they still had a lot of room for improvement. The drawings of the people weren't the best, but what I think could help the overall production is more detail in the backgrounds like you had in the one with the blades of grass. That looked great so more detail the better it looks! Also, the soldier didn't look like a soldier at all, but just some random guy off of the street that found a gun to use.

~ Story/Content ~

I think that in the beginning you should have showed the soldier shooting the boy. Perhaps he's fighting some enemy soldiers and the boy surprises him somehow or even just he child getting in the way by accident and he can't check his aim in enough time.

~ Concept ~

It was an original concept for a flash, which is a nice thing to see every now and then. It showed some emotion, but I really thing that the point you wanted to get across was complete sadness and remorse. You could have showed this much better in the facial expressions and some other means.

~ Audio ~

The music was very fitting and really goes good with the idea that the guy is going crazy over this. I think that the beginning could have used sad music and then you could have went into the more upbeat music though.

~ Overall ~

I think that it has a good story and symbolizes something, but you could have pushed it a little further in both story and emotion. Details would really help this submission out as well.

FAtmat666 responds:

Thanks for the review! This is probably the most helpful one I've gotten, for any flash of mine.
I developed the story and flow of the animation to fit the music, which can be limiting. However, I feel that once I get better at it, it will make for a mood that cannot be gotten another way. For now, though, bits of story is left out and filler is added. I also let the emotions of the story slip a little bit away from the emotions of the music.
I really agree that more details would help, and haven't thought of that before. I'll be sure to put more in to my future works.


The music fits very good to this submission. Even though the music has some kind of a happy tone to it, it also creates a very dark atmosphere together with the pictures you show.

The graphics are pretty good, but I think the animations could be improved a bit. For example when the car was driving it looked very comical, with the car moving up and down (I don't mean the scene that takes place in the car, but the scene where it is driving up to the hospital). This didn't fit too well into the flash.

Also, why did the car take a turn instead of driving straight ahead to the hospital? If you had drawn a street that curved that way it would be clear why the car takes the turn, but there's no street visible.

I like how you mostly made use of still frames but yet created an illusion of movement with the "zooming cuts" you made.

{ Review Request Club }

Interesting symbolism

A rather dark piece that really does hit home with the whole gamut of emotions about killing an innocent person and then sinking into a downward spiral, eventually leading to suicide.

I think that it's a powerful piece, with good animation and the powerful message. I think that you could have done a little more work with the raindrops in the puddles, as they looked far too uniform, considering that there was a lot of 'randomness' about the flow of blood from the character's face. I'd have also suggested that you didn't reflect the faces when they come out from in front of the car seats - it looks unnatural and out of place.

[Review Request Club]

A good, but disturbing story.

I liked the basic idea of the story. It was creepy, but it kept me entertained and directed my attention at the flash. The animation was decent, but I liked the water ripple effects you used, especially when they were in sync with the music. There were a few more tweens than I would of liked, but it wasn't that big of a deal. You chose good music too, it fit the mood of the flash very well. It was an interesting story, but hard to follow too.

Maybe you could have given more of a background check in the flash than in the author's comments. I was freaked out at the part where the soldier was carrying the dead boy on his shoulders, that was particularly scary in my opinion. It was flash that could use some work here and there, but if you stick with your storytelling ability you should be just fine. Keep up the good work!