The Will of One

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The Will of One
The Protomen

In Dr. Wily's dystopian future, only one man was willing to oppose his rule... Dr. Light worked in secret to create a robot to fight the evils standing between man and freedom. But Protoman was defeated by Wily's robot army, and mankind only looked on, apathetic. Light was devastated. This time, he had built more than a machine. He had built, and lost, a son. Not long after, he created Megaman. Light knew it was only a matter of time before he learned what had happened, so he cautioned, commanded, and begged Megaman not to follow in his brother's footsteps. Mankind could not be saved by just one man.

But Megaman wasn't about to let mankind go unsaved, let Wily go unchecked, and let Protoman go unavenged...


This music video was made with the permission and full support of those rad dudes who call themselves Protomen. It's is the fourth song on their self-titled debut album, and immediately follows 'Unrest in the House of Light' (and you should check out my video for that, too, if you haven't yet!).

Most of the artwork is based on Megaman7 sprites, which were painstakingly recolored, spliced, and/or completely drawn by me. So please don't write this off as 'just another sprite flash'! There's also a nougat of original artwork in there, which I hope to do more of in future projects, if it goes over well and I can get better at it.

I took pains to ensure that the quality of the audio is the best possible, but unless you have awesome computer speakers it's still probably not going to do band justice. The subtitles are there because I love you. Please check out the myspace link for a higher quality listen.

This should have been finished months ago. Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive and patient, especially my fellow Proto-fans! I hope it's worth it. And if you're still living in ignorance of the awesome that is The Protomen, please don't spend another moment in the dark:




This is one of the best creations i have EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock Awesome!!!

Heh... Sorry about the pun... :P This was an absolutely AMAZING video! I now need to see them all! Keep up the great work and keep 'em coming!

That was awesome.

The bit of actual drawn cartoon work could have been a bit better, but that is but a tiny needle of negativity in a haystack made of awesomeness. Everything else was wonderful. Keep it up.


As before, the visuals great. Normally sprite animations aren't really my thing, but I think this captures the feel of the song incredibly well! Re: The drawn segment, if you keep using that style in the future you should try to integrate it more smoothly. The random switch was jarring.

The sound quality is better than last time, but it's still pretty bad. I know you already told someone else that you got the tracks directly from the CD, so I have no idea what happened there, but the difference I'm hearing is absolutely insane. If it wasn't for that I could easily bump my rating up a point or two.

The subtitles was a nice touch. I do hope you continue doing Protomen videos in the future. :D

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I would love to see the both albums done up like this. Your work is absolutely perfect. Keep it up! You're a hero.

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