Madness Accelerant

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Facerape 10 Points

Let out all your aggression.


Beat the game.

Pacifist 25 Points

Be kind to those less fortunate than yourself.

True Face of Evil 25 Points

Reveal the true face of evil!

Madness Mode 50 Points

Defeat Madness Mode!

Author Comments

Thirty days to bring this together and it still comes down to the wire on Madness Day. We've poured everything we got into this game so hopefully you enjoy it and it runs ok on your computer! If it runs slow, Q toggles the quality.

This game is a shot-by-shot playable remake of Krinkel's Madness Consternation! We took a few liberties but overall tried to match the progression pretty closely. Enjoy!!!

Also note the fun fan-art gallery, showcasing stuff from the Art Portal!



Sept 23 - Final boss bugs should be fixed! Clear your cache.

Sept 24 - Hank now spends less time on the ground, while enemies spend more and can be shot while on ground. Hopefully this feels a little better!

Sept 29 - Fixed doorway agent bug and added a SWAP button (D) to swap weapons when you already have one. Walking over a weapon you already have will increase your ammo!

Sept 30 - Added option for MOUSE AIMING! We hope this makes lots of people happy.

Oct 1 - Added Madness Mode, which you unlock by beating the game. It's HARDCORE!

Sorry I can't add a pause button. This game is in AS2 and built in a way that simply doesn't allow it. Flash has no native pause support.


balls died on madness mode on the last tricky form

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Great game with a really nice challenge (Madness Mode)
If anyone wants some sprites for this I have the entire decompiled game and a specially made sprite sheet. Just PM me.
Always use the shotgun on Tricky. Its the best way to kill him. You'll understand on Madness Mode

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so so AMAZING, the madness mode is pretty hard, good game

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Madness mode is pretty hard depends on your skills. it took me 4 attempts to beat madness mode.
Anyways Awesome game the Graphics are well designed.

Hint: The shotgun is one of the overpowered weapon in the game *including chainsaw* use it to defeat the boss easily

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I know once i make this review, its the only review i will ever be able to make about this, so here we go. I will actually review it.

The Gameplay: 9/10
Fluid, simple and responsive, the gameplay is truly something you would want in a sidescroller shooter, and its easy to play without removing much of the challenge. The list of weapons is fair: The MP5, Flamethrower, DEAGLE, Shotgun, Machinegun, P90 and grenade launcher and the chainsaw. I just find it weird how the MP5 pretty much gets forgotten once you pick up a different weapon, but oh well...

Graphics: 9/10
With graphics, i mean the character and weapon models. And i have to say, they look extraordinary in my opinion. I love the way how you put effort to stylize all the characters in such a cartoonish, yet greedy and neat way. The details you put on Hank are the ones that impress me the most. Not only that, i loved how you remade Mag Agent Torture into a more monstrous and detailed way. I would watch a whole series of Madness with this unique art style.

Artificial Intelligence: 7/10
Tricky's artificial intelligence is simply great. He does shows himself as a dangerous and murderous monster when you fight him, SPECIALLY in Madness Mode, where he's faster, stronger and meanier. But then you got the agents... The agents are quite easy to kill and predict. They don't really attack that much, just follow you until they get the chance to either shoot or punch you. Same goes to Mag Agent Torture, since he pretty much aims, waits, waits, waits, waits, pumps the shotgun slowly, THEN finally fires. His spreadshot is way too concentrated, which makes his bullets as easy to dodge one bullet. Still, its not so bad. Its an old game after all. But one thing is for sure, Tricky has an AI that i would see in a boss of a steam-selling game.

Animation: 9/10
The animation is good. Not perfect, but still good. I can see you made each sprite with love and patience, SPECIALLY on Hank. Hank has millions of animation stages, like when you jump and kick, or just jump, he will always have an animation that does feel fluid for me. Same with some of the agents, but they could've more model modifications like Hank does. But i do understand why you did not do it, since, well, Hank is already full of thousands of sprites to animate him. But Torture's animation kinda felt out of place... Just a little outta place, nothing too bad. The only thing that really disappoints me is when you turn the character around and the weapon goes from it's left hand to it's right hand. Basically, the fact that when the characters turn, they literally are just flipped. But i can understand that it would be a little too hard adding the detail of turning and the gun being on the other side.

Music and sounds: 8/10
The music of this game is great, even thought there aren't many. Sometimes it gets a little repetitive to be honest. As for the sounds, i cannot complain. They are great. Each weapon has a distinctive sound that fits it perfectly.

Final Result: 8/10 (4 Stars)
The game is fun, challenging and interesting.
Characters, weapons and backgrounds are beautiful to look at, gameplay is satisfactory and the music is great. It might have it's problems here and there, but its still a great game i recommend for any Madness fan if they want to pass time or simply interact with some great animated artwork.

Extra: I really hope you don't mind, but i took the liberty of try and emulate your sprites, because they're simply wonderful. Don't worry, i plan to credit you in every pic i do with the sprites. This game has been one of my favorites of all times. Thank you if you took time to read this.

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Sep 22, 2009
11:09 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
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