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MZM 69 2

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Author Comments

this is NGGangsterPimp here. Kanamomashouse is my alternate Newgrounds account where I had plenty of fun spamming to pass the time. Now life has other things to do though, plus the ng redesign screwed a crucial part of my spamming process so haha. Now for what my original content was.. ENJOY MZM 69 2 FAGGOT!! IT'S THE BEST MADNESS MOVIE EVER MADE!!

Here is a no lag almost perfect fucking ass quality YouTube version. http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=353mSIWhqeA

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lmao this stupid shit still holds up

if you never made this i never would've made the tribute series. watched it just now again for old time's sake. still absolutely fucking hilarious. i think the first one is a bit funnier just for how fucking terrible it is in all aspects (and the kfc bucket slowly descending for him to catch) but this one's obviously technically better. a lot of kills are somewhat clever (as clever as this sort of humor is) and overall it's consistently fucking hysterical.

watching it makes me want to make a tribute 3 for shits and giggles.

nggangsterpimp responds:

lmfao thank you man I still need to make more shit ass movies again someday. fucking seriously.


nggangsterpimp responds:

Yeah, funny stuff, eh?


lolololol its so awesome! omg! cant wait for the next!

nggangsterpimp responds:


Humour, Zombies, Madness all in a mix

A mid Kanamomashouse spam and Nggangster Madness Chronicla epic.

That tickled me alot. Firstlly i liked the comic discribing the pilot of this cartoon was well picture with the background referrence towards a plantation back in the slavery times in the american black amarican history background, and well flash back to MZM 69.

The Spirits in this flash were well made, especially with the black sumo and Kanamomashouse all simplly made in a positive way, And Zombies may not lead to madness perfection but that dose not put the score to a downfall. The main potentional of this flash is the humour. And good of You to make use of ToxicDevil's Background from his madness tribute flashes which are by now scraped.

The animation in general was very neat with The fighting of the black sumo, with all the top spining arobatic Martial Arts styled action, It was all well motioned without the flexabillity of arms legs, etc needed. The Zombies might not be up to its best of Madness animation quality unlike many of Nggangsterpimp's well skilled madness flashes. But what should be brought to attention is the awesome animated action pack fighting of the sumo. Also nice addition with the KFC chicken legs being used as martial arts weapons, that made me lol.

Also the Ending of this flash with the conflict between The Black Sumo and Kanamomashouse Charecter is quite tense which all builds the plot from being very thin for a spam humour flash towards being an actual original story, flash worthy, which all shows development.

In Conclusion Its a very impressive concept to be a comedy spam cartoon, Madness Combat Tribute flash being adjusted to one great piece of flash that i give 10/10 to.


nggangsterpimp responds:

Hey thanks alot. Wow fuck me man really thanks.


This is some funny shit! and btw will you unblock me plz?

nggangsterpimp responds:

oh i got you blocked? kk. lmfao.

Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2009
7:08 AM EDT