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A tricky animation

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This is my first "good" flash ever. With Accumulation Collab, I've got two "front page"s during one day.
About the success:
Over 100,000 views and 2900 votes!!!
195+ Reviews.
270 users added it to favorites.
40 users added me to favorites thanks to this.
Won 9th place on Madness Day.
Someone submitted it to Y8 and to five more sites...
Four madness collab invitations. (But sry, I won't join any, except for...)

Hi. This is work of my last 5 months. I put lots of my ideas into that. If it doesn't make you laugh, no problem. I know that there are lots of jokes in it, but this is not supposed to cause ROFL, smile on face is enough :D. And it is not a pure comedy, there is also a lot of action in. Do not believe the beginning, THIS IS NOT SERIOUS.

I hope you understood that if you already saw that. But if not, it is here:
Because of last working ID, Tricky was resurrected. He gets into a bus and kills everyone in. Yes, there are some bosses, two of them also got on, one just fell onto it(try to find the way how did he get there :D). After he killed the driver, he turned round the bus and drives back to happening in MC9. Why ? It does not matter. His try becomes another failure because of some momment in MC9.

Review as you want. I'll try to answer those who ask. If you rate low, please, tell me what you didn't like.

- Updated after very long time. It should be 'perfect'.
- Stats:
1509 library items
*.fla size - 165 MB
9087 frames
fps - 26
- Please, do not quit it every time there is a black screen or it is going slow(lags, text). You will know when it will end.
- If you want to respond to my response of your review, write a comment on my userpage. I am checking it very often.
- Do not vote 0 just because i used "Standard stolen Krinkels's unoriginal sprites". I had to use some parts of original Mc animation, so i made the rest in the same style. Also, if you want to know, I drew the bus, background, one weapon(RPG at the beginning), Hanklold, Piemoss, all the blood effects menu, etc.
- Loading fixed.

Enjoy, if you can, and have mad Madness day :D

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Tiky almost made it...


can you make a game like that

song name for the entirety of the movie

cool game