A Pirate's Ghost Story

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Ok. Wow I really had to push to get this done on time. But I like how it came out. This was the first time I tried to animate in flash, but I have been interested in animation since I was little. I was going for a graphical style here and I never intended to color it. I really worked hard to get the animation to a level were I could be proud to show it to people.
The voice acting is superbly done by legolas-969 And I would like to thank him for making such an inspiring piece. So if you need an awesome voice actor for your next great creation look him up.
It still has some rough edges but I think it came out to my satisfaction. So get ready for a thrilling tale of undead pirates and puppy dogs. :)



it is ok but to sort

Could use some colour

I like the way this sounds, though I'm not sure about the look of it all - colouring and shading needs to be employed to make this piece much more interesting. I like the way that you've put the little kid in and the way his eyes open in excited wonderment, but when you hear that the voice over is talking about colours, you don't need to add just one bit of red - we're not watching Schindler's List, after all.

Something didn't look quite right about the pirate narrator's chin - it didn't seem to move naturally for me and if you could fix that, I'd certainly see you talking to legolas-969 with a view to making this into a more permanent series.

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Phlashtastix responds:

Well its not to say I wouldn't do more to make it better, like shading, and refining the animation. But it is time sensitive. I sort of ran out of time. Thanks for the critique though.


like it! It could have been longer.

5/5 9/10


Even though there is no color (and I know your comments said you did not intend to) it is still very well done. The level of animation is extremely high, and the story was well done. Over all, this is great! Keep up the good work!

Phlashtastix responds:

Thanks very much. :)

Excellent for a first effort!

It's actually pretty good, if a bit on the short side. But I know 10 seconds of "flash" time is about 1 half hour or more of real-world time, so that's understandable. ;-) There's always room for improvement, but if I had to guess I'd say you're probably doing pretty good for your level of experience. Just keep at it, it will be worth the effort. :-)

Phlashtastix responds:

Much appreciated. :)

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Sep 19, 2009
3:06 AM EDT

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