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Dead Frontier: Outbreak

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This isn't the kind of game you usually see on newgrounds so I won't be shocked if some of you don't like it. I figured reading through all the text might be a little boring so we decided to get a professional voice actor to help. Please let me know what you think =)

Special thanks to:
- Ian Yates (my brother) for writing about 50% of the script.
- Jesse Hopkins (composerarts.com) for his awesome voice acting.

Hope you enjoy the game!


- Added ability to 'try again' after dying. This takes you back to the start of that area (ie, office, street etc).
- Fixed problem with text speed
- Fixed some spelling/grammatical mistakes

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Seemed like every time I had a choice, I had 4, and most of them wrong.
Trying multiple paths kept leading to only 1 valid path forward.

"you're self centrated, homicial son of a bitch who would do literally anything to save your own skin"

Because I chose the only path that would take me to check on my wife?

And despite going to her as fast as possible: couldn't get there in time.

Would have been good to have multiple endings based upon choices, rather than dead ends with only 1 real choice.

Most fun I've had playing a "choose your own adventure" style game ever! It would be nice if we could save our games so that we could try different options though.

still great after all these years, specially now due to coronavirus causing a lockdown and keeping me in to get the feeling of a contagion and a zombie apocalypse about to start, thus decided to go back to these post apocalyptic choose your own adventure interactive stories i played back in the old days

How To Beat The Game

Step one Be a Asshole

It's an interesting game. But I don't like all the insta-death choices forcing you to pick a single choice. Also, I'd like to see the choice of the vehicles, what weapon you take in the shed and who to go with matter a little more.
An option to mute the music would be nice too. I noticed it's bugged. If you beat the game, the music plays twice and overlaps itself making the music really loud.