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Slide letter tiles across the board to make words. Once a word is made it is locked in place, so plan carefully, you may just lock out that letter you needed! Play in normal mode or for a quick game play puzzle mode. Double Click any of the background floating words for a definition!


Yeah, I know how much you newgrounders don't like little puzzle games like this, but hey, since I got it may as well upload it :)

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Nice game

While it becomes difficult after a while, you do certainly have a very playable game that is a nice layout and quite addictive. Perhaps you could use some sound effects when you complete the words that you've completed.

I like it, but the additional powers are granted so quickly after the completion of level one, that it could have used being phased in over a longer amount of time, to let the player keep up with the pace of it all.

Still two nice game modes, a nice piece of ambient music and a background which is quite calming. Great stuff :)

[Review Request Club]

Pretty good, but....

Pretty good, just one problem, sometimes you'll have a situation that is literally impossible, such as a corner red letter with another red letter under it. I love this game though, good job.

What dictionary are you using?

Cool concept, but there are countless simple words missing from your dictionary. "Affect", "effect", even "toad." There were a dozen or so others that didn't work but I didn't jot down. Too frustrating when taking a gamble on if the word will even work or not.

Murudai responds:

All those words are in my dictionary. The dictionary has over 60,000 words, which is more than the scrabbly dictionary, so that isn't the problem.
You can only make words from left to right and top to bottom, not diagonally and not backwards.

well made

very good very enjoyable and adicting

Well done

It's very good. Im a fan of puzzle games.