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Hover Bot Arena 2

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Upgrade your hover bot and lay waste to enemies!

Medals will be working shortly.

-WASD or Arrows to move
-Mouse to aim/shoot
-Double-click to deploy a bomb
-E or CTRL to pause/bring up your upgrade menu

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Game is great, it just takes time to grind upgrades, that becomes significantly more expansive in the beginning. Colours arent easy to distinguish when game get more insane.

It's very old, but I'm commenting for future projects sake.

The start is hard, that's what makes it great. Later it gets very fun and challenging, but the lack of either story, different challenges and bosses makes it tire out quickly.

It takes so little to make a game more worthwhile, especially storywise, if there's just a tidbit of humour to it.

Decent game

Here was a decent game I didn't find too much lag except when using big stuff like the bombs or heavy stuff but the area needed that to be cleared but I would say lesson some of the effects for less lag overall a fun game

Lesson some effects for better less lag moments


Early game is too difficult with the lack of intelligent spawning. Any type of spawner - most notably the squares, who spawn on death - is close to impossible to deal with, considering how quickly you get swarmed even when you have spread shot and fire rate upgraded. You have a bunch of area clear, but you still don't have enough to be able to actually clear out all of the things being spawned. Also, Squares in particular - or other on-deaths, since I'm not even gonna bother continuing - should not spawn a new, full square to replace the one you just killed if the bits aren't dead yet.

The game is absolutely great. There is no lag early game for me, though late game gets both hectic and very slightly laggy. The game doesn't take overly long to beat, or to cap out all stats. Despite this, it still offers a great game-play experience. I strongly recommend this game to all players. Also, getting 50,000 mid-game is easiest when in the Enemy Challenges.