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Professor Fucking Layton

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Yeah I spent all night making this. The Diabolical Box is awesome, but this has been bugging me with these games for a while~

EDIT: OH LORD DAILY FEATURE I FEEL SO LOVED. Cheers guys- this is making me wanna do quite alot more on this site now...

EDIT AGAIN: Thanks for the frontpage NG! Now I'm really considering a sequel...

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This is great, but one minor flaw; Professor Layton is a professor of archaeology, not a detective. XD But I'm sure you knew that?

Great XDDD

Professor Layton enters the crime scene to solve puzzles yet again!
XD This is pretty entertaining and the hint coin part made me really laugh. I love the expressions so keep it up

This review reminds me of a puzzle

Haha, the voice acting and music was great. the idea of the animation too.


the videos great and who's done the voices they're fukin awsome

Fucking puzzling!

Well... It´s a good start, but only a start... so u get 6/10. :)