The Curious Story Abraham

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This is a movie I made for my Art assignment. It's about a young inventor that recently created a new tram-system for the futuristic city. When he and his wife to be, go to ride it for the first time it doesn't work properly and she falls to her death. Abraham is haunted with guilt so he writes a suicide note and shoots himself.

This is pretty much me testing out silhouette animation. I usually do comedy but this is a special occasion. It is also my first proper flash movie submitted in the webs.

I like the art and I managed to draw everything myself :D Hooray!

Anyway I hope you enjoy the artistic aspect of it.


Rather Enjoyable

I really did enjoy this animation of yours, but I'm probably a little biased since I love silhouette animations. It's quick, it's to the point and I thought the art style was really nice. The little things were what I probably liked the most as I found myself constantly being drawn to the little edges in the backgrounds, such as the twisting blades of grass, or watching the mechanical parts spin, the clock Abraham gave to his wife was especially nice since everything moved so fluidly within it. The music had a haunting quality to it and I thought it fit well with the art style.

That being said there were only two issues I had with this animation. The first is the obvious lack of a replay button, though that itself isn't that big of a deal, just something to remember next time. The second issue is that the music would cut out randomly sometimes when I was watching the video and I'd have to start it over again. I'm not sure what caused this but it's something that you should look into, plus there's that popping sound every now and then.

Perhaps a little more depth might be in order but it's the subtle things that shine the brightest. Good job.

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Perelie responds:


There were a few things I did wrong but only having 5 days really limited everything. There movie was intended to go for like, 5 minutes lol. But this is just testing the art style so if/when I do it again, it will be MUCH better.


The art was great. I would have liked to see a little more than just tweening though. Unfitting because I don't really think this particular story of Abraham Yuttle is a curious one. It is more of a bleak or despairing tale than a curious story, wouldn't one think?

Perelie responds:

I would have changed the title but I already had it The Curious Story Abraham Yuttle in my art book when designing it so it was too late to change. But this is really just a test so next time it will really be something more.


Not brilliant, not horrible. Liked the art though.
Oh, and by the way, 'inspiration' was spelt wrong: "She was the *insperation* for my inventions". D:

Perelie responds:

I should probably have double checked lol.
But yeh it more of an experiment on the art of silhouette animation.

Good with some minor issues.

The story felt a little rushed, but that isn't what impacted my score. I enjoyed the music and art, but you lost some points with me for not having a basic replay function. All in all, a good, if short, submission fom what looks to be a well of potential.

Perelie responds:

Yeah it was a little rushed, I made it from scratch in under 5 days to reach the deadline but i'll make sure not to rush it next time.


looks cool.

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3.34 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2009
1:20 AM EDT
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